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[Update] Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate Atom X5 Z8300 Announced

[Update] Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate Atom X5 Z8300 Announced

10/10 update: Chuwi had a conference today and officially announced the Vi10 Ultimate. It’s exactly the same as the Vi10, with one difference it has the new Atom X5 Z8300 with 2GB of Ram and a 64GB eMMC. Windows 10 and Android 5 (I think it has Dual OS) Released today apparently, so it should be up for sale next week. Some sellers on Ali Express already have it listed here:

Chuwi will sell it directly on for  899 yuan  (32GB model) and 999 yuan  (64GB model). Which works out to be  $142 USD and  $158. Sellers will of course add their own cut to this.

Here are the press images:

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9th Post:

Posted on Chuwi’s Weibo account today:

Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate Edition

This makes it the third Cherry Trail Atom Chuwi will be releasing soon. The Vi10 Ultimate. This I think is the Vi10 upgrade I was hearing about months ago, not the Chuwi Hi10 (another Cherry trail, but with a 1920 x 1200 16:10 screen) No word on the specs, but a date of the 10th has been posted?  Is that the release date?

Since it bears the Vi10 name, my guess is it’s essentially a Vi10 with a new X5 Z8300 (or X5 Z8500?), everything else I assume remains the same. And that’s not a bad thing, the Vi10 is still one of my favorite dual OS tablets with it’s practical two full USB 2 ports, keyboard dock, Surface RT IPS screen and dirt cheap price of $138. Since Chuwi has the Hi10 coming soon too, I doubt the screen will change from the 1366 x 768 resolution. If you want a better screen, and more ram, you have the Chuwi Hi10 for that.

Chuwi Vi10 Cherry Trail

But can it play Crysis? The image suggests it can. I guess we’ll find out on the 10th. Hopefully, this Vi10 Ultimate spec is priced under $150

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  1. Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate shutdown when connects via usb to an Ipad Air.

    No problem with Iphone 6.

    Anyone had this problem?

    Maybe usb current problems

  2. Hi, does any one got problems with charging vi10 ultimate. Some people tell it can not be charged while using. That it need to power off while charging. Pls any one give your comments. Thank you.

  3. Anyone know when they will get the android ROM?

  4. Yo @chris, can you recommend a reliable supplier to buy the win10 64G version of this?

  5. Yo @chris, could you pls recommend a reliable seller to buy this tab at a good price? I’d like to buy the win10 64G version

  6. Do you know if it’s dual boot (W10/Android) or only W10 ? on geekbuying they write Windows 10 only. I have check on Aliexpress and it’s always write W10 and not android.

    Feeback form people how have receive the VI10 ultimate?

    • My seller on Aliexpress told me it’s been delayed some issue with dual boot os. So now it’s only in Windows 10, but will later have an Android rom and dual boot. Should be out this week.

    • Or Cani just put any micro sd card? I have an adapter if that helps 🙂

  7. Any information on the availability of this tablet? If it’s priced similarly to the old Vi10 and available NOW for delivery, then no real reasons to buy the old Vi10 anymore.

    • Seller contacted me yesterday about my order and said it would be in stock at the end of the month. I bought from VC Mall on aliexpress.

    • No real reason to get the old one now that’s true. Cherry Trail is much better at GFX.

  8. but can it play crysis? if its an x5 z8500 it will be able to.

    i’m yet to retry running crysis 2 post thermal mod….. might give it a go later to see how many fps i can get on the x98 pro

    • Curious to see what the real screen resolution would be… Please keep us posted!

      • wich resolution do you know different from 1920×1200?
        I have ordered Hi10 from aliexpress

      • Same as the first model 1366 x 768, using the old 10.6″ Surface RT IPS panel.

    • I might be wrong, but the one you picked is”Hi10″, not “Vi10”.

    • That’s the New i10 not the vi10 pro

  9. No news About the hi10 today?

  10. Are you going to make a review of this laptop? 🙂
    And how is the quality of the chuwi vi10? Does it break easily like other Chinese tablets?

  11. Just ordered the 64 GB model incl. keyboard for 171 euro’s 🙂

  12. Is today the release day or announcement day?

    • The Announcement was today, it’s all official x5 Z8300 + 2GB of ram and 64GB eMMC and release date I think is soon. No date. Chuwi Hi10 is 11/11.

  13. Hi Chris,

    I tried to tip you off the day before yesterday (filled in the contact form and send you 2 links).
    It indeed is de 8300 processor; all other specs remain the same.

  14. Looks like it comes with Win10 installed.

    • according to aliexpress seller information, it is the same as vi10 64GB but with cherry-trail x5 8300 proccessor. no any other differences

      • Exactly. The same seller has the ‘old’ Vi10 listed with Win 8.1…

        An advantage of this model could be that with the same battery and the more energy efficient Cherry Trail, battery life could be better as well?

  15. According to chuwi’s weibo, it will be available (should be T-Mall) on 10 Oct.

  16. the price with the hi10 will be have differences above $100?

    • Not sure at this point, but it will definitely cost more than the Vi10. Maybe $60-$80 or more.

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