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Chuwi Vi10 Windows 10 Image, bios and Drivers released

Chuwi Vi10 Windows 10 Image, bios and Drivers released

Chuwi have released their official drivers pack, Windows 10 image and a bios update. There is no mention of what the bios update fixes or patch, it’s safe to assume it must be for Windows 10. The driver download includes updated drivers for Windows 10, the touch driver and camera’s now shouldn’t be an issue.

Unfortunately, there is no installer, so you have to go through each of the directories and update the drivers one by one. If you do install the Windows 10 WINRE image, note that you have licensing issues and it’s advisable to just upgrade from Windows 8.1 and then install the Win 10 drivers below.

CHUWI WIN10-VI10 Factory Drivers
CHUWI WIN10-VI10 Factory Drivers
CHUWI WIN10-VI10 factory
155 MiB
Chuwi Vi10 Touch Drivers Installer
Chuwi Vi10 Touch Drivers Installer
Chuwi Vi10 Touch drivers
74 KiB
Chuwi Vi10 Windows 10 S165C-Drivers
Chuwi Vi10 Windows 10 S165C-Drivers
Chuwi Vi10 Windows 10
208 MiB
6.1 MiB
SileadTouch Config Files For Vi10
SileadTouch Config Files For Vi10
SileadTouch config files for
67 KiB

The Windows 10 image is here:

Many thanks to Hans for pointing this out to me.

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  1. FIX touch screen for chuwi vi10 pro 64
    1. upgrade bios to 165c
    2. install win10 32 pro
    3. download Chuwi Vi10 Windows 10 S165C-Drivers
    4. install all driver, if not success try to use chuwi hi8 driver(win10)
    5. for touch screen go to s165c-driver/tp/s165c_win10_driver_10fingers
    6. copy icnfirmware.sys to c:\windows\system32\drivers
    7. run dpinst32.exe
    8. reboot system

    good luck

  2. BIOS updated and now the touch screen doesn’t work at all. Tried all the drivers here and nothing. Stay away from BIOS updates!

  3. I can’t downloade the Windows 10 image from Baidu, and I don’t want to register there… anyone can upload it to Mega ?

  4. Hi I need Help

    1. I did Install windows 10 Single L. and the installation was painless an fast
    2. Step Restore all drivers
    3. Fix the Touch driver
    4. Everything was running PERFECT, I did all kinds of test, and the Tablet was Real Good!
    5. I did the Bios Update
    6. Almost Nothing is working
    7. Download the Factory Drivers (from TechTablets)
    8. But nothing is working. I try the .inf install of each folder
    9. try to run the few .exe’s like the BT, and they say> Installation Complete PLEASE REBOOT
    10. Again.. Nothing is Working ????

    What happens here ? how to fix this, How I can install the new drivers ?

    • installing the drive for windows 10 is easy just extract all the files to C:\Windows\System32 and restart your computer and your done.

      the hard part it how to work your camera, if any good idea there please do share thank you..

      • Hi, i’ve install clean windows 10 home, when i first unfind driver (UART), when i restart don’t boot. s165Bios is already installed.
        where i must extract win10driver pack? c:windows/system32/ ? or c:windows/System32/drivers/ ? please help me.
        (i’ve only windows partition and efi)
        (windows 10 bootable usb installation is make with rufus in GPT UEFI mode)

    • I’m in the same situation. I had win10 in working condition. Slight issues with touch now and then. I decided to follow the guide and update bios. Now nothing works. No touch, no bluetooth. In system device some of the devices show that have problems others show that need to be installed. I tried to reset PC and that didn’t solve anything. I tried both installing the inf files and to copy the contents of the drivers into system32 but it didn’t solve the problem. Now I have an completely unusable tablet. Any thoughts how to solve this issue?

    • I figure it out what happened. The BIOS from here is not suitable for all vi10 series. For example mine is Vi10 Q32G221506XXXXX and for it breaks touch and other hardware. For the moment i have no idea how to fix it since I do not have the original BIOS.

  5. Hi Good day TechTablets, I have a problem in installing windows 10 it work view my USB with a windows 10 OS 35-bit on it. That is why i install just upgrade it automatically. Can you help me how to view my USB in boot mode?

    Another question how can i fix auto rotation in windows 10. Windows 8.1 works perfectly but in windows 10 it only works once i boot start and log in.

  6. Well the device never boots and says there are no USB ports so this totally bricked my tablet…

    • Any solution ?, happens to me the same, as the UEFI system reset?

  7. I installed the image, but windows is not activated, and can’t activate it 🙁

  8. First of all sorry my poor English.

    Last week i delete all partitions with my chuwi vi10 32gb.
    Now, I want to restore factory default (android+win 8.1)

    I can’t use Manucfactoring flash tool, because every time 5% IFW flash failed.

    This is my problem:

    I installed all programs (intel android setup 1.5.0, IsocUSBDriver_1.2.0)

    I try 3 different computers, 3 differenc usb cable.

    The guide:

    Please help me!


  9. I was in shenzhen last week and bought a HI8 it can with windows10 out of box. Price was 550rmb seg building. Almost same online

  10. Hi, sorry I haven’t tried Linux on this tablet, you might have issue with the drivers I imagine.

  11. Thanks Again, this website is very helpful and the video is good, next week I get 2 Vi10 PRO, and the first thing I will do, is upgrade to Windows 10 and upgrade the bios.
    Just 1 Question, I do run in all my computers, Windows 10 and Linux Mint (17.2) do you thing this tablet will work with Mint, the touch funtion? or Ubuntu (they use the same drivers)

    Excuse my english, I live in Honduras and Spanish is our main language

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