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Chuwi SurBook Update – Shipping Date Slips & Copper Heatsink Added

Chuwi SurBook Update – Shipping Date Slips & Copper Heatsink Added

Some good news on the Chuwi Surbook front and some bad. Well, it’s not really bad. The shipping date has slipped to late July or August. Chuwi’s has produced a few units but still further tweaking is required hence the delay. So not a bad thing at all really, I prefer a more refined product than a rushed one with issues, anyone would.

And the good news is they are going to use a copper heatsink (finally! Did they watch my copper heatsink mod videos?) A first I think for Chuwi that seems to prefer tin EM shields and thermal pads instead of copper as seen in the Lapbook 14.1 and 12.3. This is a great move, so the Surbook’s N3450 should not suffer from any sky-high temps when gaming or being pushed hard.

Source: Chuwi Indiegogo update.

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  1. Buying (preoredering) the 64 GB version at Indiegogo appears to be the same price as prordering at Banggood (

    The difference is that the pen and keyboard are included with the Indiegogo purchase.

  2. Hi, i am considering buying a chuwi surbook, can anyone help make my mind up please, will it be a good basic everday use tablet, tnank you.

  3. I hope they bring out a dual boot version or probably wishing to much, but a pure Android version,

  4. I have to admit I never at first understood why chuwi opened a crowd funding for the surbook.
    But I blv the idea behind it is ” a charity to us and a charity to you”
    Like ; provide us with the money and we can provide you a affordable surface clone.

    But judging by this heat sink I think they are taking the idea seriously and that’s good.
    I hope they do redeem themselves after the recent messes with their other devices like the many very of Chuwi hi12 (I still can’t find the ver I want)

    • Yes, they are taking it seriously, now the finishing touch would be a full laminated screen. But I don’t think it can be done for the price.

      • Hi Chris, i am trying to decide as to whether to order a surbook,i really like the design ,do you think it would be a decent everyday use tablet, thanks so much,

  5. ‘should not suffer’…obviously they have seen how you happily take these things apart.
    I hope you can do the same with the Surbook, as it must have almost the same internals as the 12.3 Chuwi laptop. That would mean an M2 slot is hidden inside surely?

    • Thanks. I think I read somewhere that there will be no M.2 slot, which is really sad. Having that is what makes all these Apollo Lakes great.

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