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Hands-on With The Wifi AC Version 3 EZBook 3 Pro

Hands-on With The Wifi AC Version 3 EZBook 3 Pro

Jumper really stepped up their game this year with the EZbook 3 Pro, It got a glowing review for its a decent keyboard, screen, great build quality and good performance. It was also one of the first with 6GB of RAM instead of the more common 4GB. However, there was one area I was disappointed. It had Wireless N and not wireless AC like other Apollo Lake laptops and tablets. So it was rated down on this.

Fast forward a few months and Jumper updated the EZBook 3 Pro with Intel wireless AC 3165, dual antennas and much better range and speeds. It did come however at the cost of that fast Toshiba eMMC 5.0 spec drive. It now has a cheap BWIN eMMC with much slower speeds. Personally, it doesn’t bother me too much since there is an SSD slot in the laptop so adding a larger and faster SSD is something I recommend to do anyway.

First impressions:

  • The build is exactly the same as the Version 2 model. (Very good, full metal body and 13mm thin)
  • The device manager lists an NCard as the drive. It’s really a BWIN eMMC 4.5.
  • Speeds are poor, 60 MB/s reads and 40 writes. However, it doesn’t seem to affect Windows performance too much.
  • The SATA3 M.2 2242 slot works at full speeds. My Transcend gets 550 MB/s reads and 400 MB/s write speeds.
  • Touchpad seems about the same, poor at two finger scrolling. But disabling that touchpad-blocker software seems to improve things.
  • USB 3.0 ports work at full speeds and can power external hard drives. (No change)
  • The MicroSD slot is still USB 2.0 spec. Use a USB 3 reader to get fast performance.
  • The screen is the same IPS panel as version 1 and 2. A bit on the cooler white side. But overall a decent 1080p IPS. You can calibrate the screen to be more neutral or warm white using software. That’s not hard.
  • Intel Wireless-AC 3165 range is good and the speeds are excellent. I can now get the full 300mbps upload and download speeds my fiber optic line provides. I’m no longer limited to 50Mbps like the Wireless N model (Version 1 & 2)
  • Thermals are good, it barely gets warm thanks to the copper heatsink inside.

Overall this is the best Apollo Lake notebook reviewed so far. Great build, good Windows performance and all for $219 which a few of us managed to get on the flash sale. Now its cheapest is $229 with coupon BOOKPRO here at Gearbest. Even at this price, it’s still cheaper than the Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 and Lapbook 14.1. My rating of this laptop has been updated to reflect the new Wireless AC model here, and also the change in eMMC to the slower BWIN brand one.


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  1. I see the “3L Pro” version also coming, it costs €264 bought in preorder using coupon GBTPC @ http://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_671109.html

    • Doesn’t seem any different except it says Upton 8Gb ram, still no type C usb.

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for the review’s update. I suggest you to write a new article doinga focus on ssd expand tyupe and models for the Jumper eZbook 3 PRO. This could be great to help people find out the right ssd based on what you already tried.

    Hope you’ll get my tip!

    • I’ve only tried my transcend so far and no issues. My 2280 drive will require me to mod the internals and housing around the SSD slot.

  3. Even Forbes magazine is jumping on the Jumper EZbook Bandwagon with a review of the EZbook 3 (not the Pro) “…the trackpad is excellent — way better than anything at this price range. This is one laptop I can use without a mouse.” Why did Jumper downgrade the trackpad on on EZbook 3 Pro? We may never know… https://plus.google.com/101323364414132980333/posts/e7tcPa7s6gZ

    • Frustrating isn’t it? wonder if they can be swapped out if one could get hold of replacement parts. There’s one for you modders! lol

  4. Nice review, still waiting for the plus model thoug. It actually went up for presale now, but 450 USD is a bit expensive:

    • Yeah, I noticed that too in the morning.

      Don’t you worry about the price though. I think what they currently ask for is more like an “enthusiast pricing”.

      Once it goes on sale, we’ll certainly see a flash sale with below 400 USD for sure.

      Maybe they’ll also get stock in the China warehouse, so we can have different prices depending on the warehouse. I find the China stock sometimes to be more affordable than the HongKong stock.

    • I agree, the price must go down. For a similar price I’d prefer to save some more and get the gorgeus Cube Thinker i35

    • Still, it’s nice that it is up for sale. It says 4 slots of memory up to 16gb so that is very nice! One major flaw all these laptops have is to little memory. It also has a 128gb SSD which is enough for me. Let’s hope it’s fast so I don’t have to replace it first thing. if you buy any of the previous models you have to take a new SSD into account aswell.

      • Help me out here, do all the Jumper touch pads have the same poor performance? I own the EZ book 2 and it is terrible, so much so that I have to use a mouse. If the Pro3 and the upcoming Pro Plus suffer from the same bad touch pad then it’s a deal breaker.

        • I think you’ll find the best touchpad experience within the Jumper laptops in the Ezbook 3 and Ezbook 3S (assuming the 3S has the same touchpad as the 3). I own an Ezbook 3 and the touchpad is so much better than the Ezbook 3 PRO’s… No complaints at all. The Ezbook 3 is a great laptop if not the best in its price range. Good screen, great battery life, decent keyboard, good touchpad, very light and the N3350 performs really well in light tasks like web-browsing or Office.
          Why Jumper decided to use a much worse touchpad for its “premium” laptops I’ll never understand…

        • With the touch-blocker uninstalled I find the touchpad completely fine and usable on the 3 Pro. I’ve used it a few days, while it can be a pain at times, I never felt like I have to plug in my mouse. But then I never expected MacBook level performance. I guess it all varies on what people perceive as a useable/workable touchpad.

      • That must be an error. I doubt the RAM has any slots we can use to upgrade. All the Core M’s have the RAM soldered on the motherboard and that is it.

        • Is that so? I guess we have to wait and see. It seems very much that that is the case though:

          ” 8GB DDRL RAM for Advanced Multitasking, up to 16GB”

          “RAM: 8GB
          RAM Type: DDR3L
          RAM Slot Quantity: Four
          Hard Disk Memory: 128G SSD
          Hard Disk Interface Type: M.2
          Largest RAM Capacity: 16GB”

          I guess it could mean that they have another model down the line with 16gb?

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