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Chuwi Surbook – New Video Of T2 Prototype

Chuwi Surbook – New Video Of T2 Prototype

Chuwi posted today a video of the Surbook in action, this is the T2 prototype build. So not the final version, so it could be a little different from the final product once released. Here we get a good look at the type cover keyboard which looks a lot like the Surface Pro 3 one with the keys closer together. Personally, I like the island or chiclet style spaced out keys better as you’ll get fewer typos from it.

The touchpad seems large enough for the 12.3 inches they have to work with. As as far as I can tell, that screen to me looks non-laminated. How can I tell? Years of using them for a start and secondly, it’s easy to spot a lot more reflections, blacks looking more grey from the gap in the glass and screen protector.

Later in the video, you’ll see Asphalt 8 Airbourne running at 20 frames per second! They should have lowered the desktop resolution to 1920 x 1080 or something for more fluid FPS.

The stylus is also demonstrated in the video, hopefully using N-Trig? But more than likely the same active tech used on the Chuwi Hi13.

Why no shots of the ports or kickstand Chuwi? What do you think of the look Surbook so far? Looks alright to me so far, just really keen for an Intel Core M3-7Y30 8GB version.

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  1. I was thinking to acquire the new CHUWI LapBook 12.3 (Windows10 /12.3inch) just released by Chuwi. But I noticed two features right away it does not have but desire. (1) touch screen and (2) 2-in-1 design, either 360º or detachable keyboard.
    Would I be better off waiting for this upcoming Surbook, or should I still go with the new Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 as currently under consideration? Problem with any of these inexpensive types is, I’d like to be able to do video editing as well (probably my most demanding usage scenario). I think perhaps neither of these machines will be up to the task. Ideally, I’d like to be able to use something like Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve. On a lighter scale of system demands, there is also Cyberlink’s Power Director which also has an Android version which is less demanding. For that reason I was also thinking of a Chromebook which supports Android apps. But then, Android apps support on Chromebooks is still at the threshold and has yet to come to full fruition yet. Perhaps later in the year with the upcoming Chromebook Eve.

    I realize these Chuwi machines are cheaper. But among the ‘cheapies’ are there no models that have some degree of robustness to accomplish what I still regard as ordinary tasks? (video edit) Perhaps there are no real cheap machines that can handle video processing tasks. I am not even thinking professional level of video editting, just basic end user stuff putting personal clips together into a story.) Alternatively machines like the Dell XPS 15 or HP Spectre X360 15″ perhaps are the more appropriate machine for the task. But then they are more then quadruple the price.

    Any constructive thoughts on the matter will be much appreciated. Cheers,

    • Watch Chris’s Jumper EZBook 3 Pro (Version 3) recent review. All of these recent Apollo CPU devices are much the same. Maybe some hardware differences depending on the price, but they will not do the hard work you are talking about in a reasonable time. The video editing will get done but you have to walk away & have a coffee & come back later on to see if the task is finished.
      The more expensive tablet/laptops with an Intel i5/i7 will do better. But first of all you pay more for the brand name & then you will still find limitations. Eventually, everyone asks more from a laptop than it can deliver.

      • Hi Tony. Thanks for the feedback. Your final comment probably sums the matter up in a nutshell, many (including myself) perhaps expect more from a laptop than what it can truly deliver. I reckon I should just look at these devices, whether it be the LapBook 12.3″ or this upcoming Surbook for what they are worth and what they can do and not expect too much from them. Devices that are capable of decent video edit performance is in a different league of machines, costing more. I have the Macbook Pro 15″ (2015) which is a fairly capable machine. And it is a pure quad core (4 physical cores) not an i7 with a dual core processor. I will consider the Surbook then as a machine for just doing simpler ordinary daily tasks while on the road, and leave the heavier lifting to machines designed for it and capable of doing it. Alternatively I am considering a Chromebook which can also handle all the Android apps I have installed on my smartphone. Still a work in progress but opens a new world of opportunity. Cheers,

  2. WTH,
    Thanks to your continuous efforts to spread the word of our campaign, we’ve seen a high demand of SurBook , we are so excited to announce that we will extend our campaign for another 20 days!
    We’d like to assure you that the extension of our campaign will not at any way affect our delivery timeline, and we will make sure that our earliest supporters will receive their orders first. (We may start to ship SurBook at the end of July or early August)

  3. Hey guys,

    Nice to meet you here, I’m the newbie.

    Can I get an answer about how many of you have backed this campaign before the price goes up ? Too bad I didn’t make it in time.–3#/

    Now it’s stage 2 as they called it, you can still back it with a slightly price rise, of course.


    • +1 I backed 🙂
      Campaign has been extended for 20 days today

      • Ha! Not surprised it was extended. More cash for Chuwi. They said it will ship in July, so let’s see about that. I think it will be August now.

  4. Design looks good. Hope it’s a good tablet, can’t wait for a review from techtablets 🙂

  5. An Intel Core M3-7Y30 8GB version would be great, indeed…but I really doubt it will fit in the paid price 🙁
    Unless they give backers better ‘goodies’ than a screen protector … 🙂

    • Yeah tempered glass screen protector 🙂 How about if they reach 1 million, they “Upgrade” it to Core M3-7Y30 and 8GB. Now that would be awesome, but not going to happen. best we can hope for is a “Pro” version.

      • it’s me or in the video the stylus seamed to work quite seamlessly for NOT-core cpu
        maybe it’s a matter of driver optimization
        maybe it’s a faster ram/storage
        maybe it’s the touchscreen controller taking care of most of the burdens
        What do you think?

        • Didn’t seem too bad, I think it’s a light weight app they used to make it looks really good. But I hope it is really fast.

  6. No benchmarks & no device manager. Possibly, the port m/board has not been ordered yet.
    This video from May 29 does show the kick stand:

    And this video from April 18 shows the island-keyboard:

    The amazing? screen is not shown in the best light. In any case, the ‘prototype’ model may be a unit that was put together with components in the local tech market. Hence the lack of a unique port m/board as required by this tablet. Someone recently showed the incredible skill & resources in such a Chinese tech market by making his own Iphone:

    • Thanks for the info. I remember that keyboard from the first look from the Italians. But seems they have switched to the Surface Pro 3 style one, which I don’t think is the best move.

      The video in Russian shows quite a lot more than Chuwi themselves. Wonder how he got hold of one so early? Must be friends with Chuwi? Or at the Hong Long event at least.

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