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Onda V10 Pro Review Online

Onda V10 Pro Review Online

Onda is a brand I stopped reviewing for a while as I wasted a lot of cash on some real lemons from them before. The v919 Core M was one of the worst and they just never had that build quality other brands do. But with the recent laptops from them having a decent built and what looks like a change in ODM I decided to give them another go.

That and this Onda v10 Pro was requested quite a few times so I gave in and bought it to review. The Onda v10 Pro on paper looks great, thin build with a metal rear housing. The same 10.1″ 2560 x 1600 full laminated screen as the Chuwi HiBook Pro. And it even has d/c in charging support, MicroSD card slot and Micro HDMI out.

The hardware is there this time around, but it’s let down by software – Phoenix OS. This skin like ReMix OS runs poor, lags and has terrible touch input response. Very frustrating to use, lucky for us we can swap over to a stock Android 6.0 skin and things greatly improve.

But it’s not perfect, some issues with the fingerprint reader and the loudspeaker was overlooked. Just a single mono one that’s not very loud. Gaming performance in Android 6.0 was great, even better considering that games like Mortal Kombat X ran with playable FPS at 2560 x 1600 was quite an ask for the MediaTek quad core. Below is my review, and if you still wanted to risk getting one it can be picked up for $154 with coupon 1146a8 over at Banggood.com here.

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  1. ONDA V10 have 3G+32G on Efox.

  2. DC Jack for charging?!!! Someone didnt get the USB-C memo >:/

  3. This tablet is using the same processor as the Acer Chromebook R13..

    I wonder if it’s possible to use the kernel sources from AcerR13 to run linux on it .. it would be a really good linux tablet 2 in one device

    • If it’s the same chipset and supports it then I would say yes.

  4. Hi Cris,
    When I first heard of this device, I was really interested. As a feature they said when the tablet part is docked to the keyboard, it will have the Phoenix OS UI and when undocked from the keyboard, the UI automatically changed to the default Android 6 UI. And I thought that was pretty cool, similar to Windows 10 that could automatically change from tablet mode to Desktop mode when keyboard docked/undocked.
    I’ve been using Phoenix OS on my old laptop from 2010 and Phoenix OS runs smoothly. And this Onda V10 pro with mediate caught my eye when it was announced. I was surprised that while the hardware is much much better than my hardware, Phoenix OS is laggy. I read in the Phoenix OS forum that there’s a firmware upgrade released by Onda http://onda.cn/Tablet_Supports.aspx?id=365. have you tried that and maybe Phoenix OS will run better?

    (And Oh, I saw your video. I know you can actually drag the double arrow so you can re-size the windows on Phoenix OS freely.)

    • There was an update for it when I got onto wifi. The issue is Phoenix is so poorly optimized and Android 6.0 is fine for the most part. With a bug fixed ROM it will be a decent tablet, but only then. A shame really, let’s hope Onda fix it asap.

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