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Teclast acknowledge X98 Air 3G Play Store and 3D issues, working on a fix.

Teclast acknowledge X98 Air 3G Play Store and 3D issues, working on a fix.

Recently, Teclast have acknowledged the Play Store issue that is currently plauging all shipped Air 3G Android units and all Roms available for download. However there is a fix on XDA and Teclast themselves point customers there in the meantime while their tech’s work on a fix.

Since Google Play is blocked in China, Teclast last didn’t know about the issue. No excuse really, They should have know about this and tested the latest firmware builds outside of China.

To our most valuable Teclast overseas customers: Recently we received some inquiries from our most valuable overseas customers regarding issues that have been found on Teclast X98 Air series (3G and Air II):

• Google Play Store error:
This is a known bug and our software engineers are working on the solution. We’ll release an OTA update to tackle this problem ASAP. Because Google services cannot be directly accessed in China so our software engineers didn’t test it while coding the X98 firmware. We’ll use some tactics to test Google services from now on to ensure every new Teclast Android Tablets can use Google service as normal.

There is a temporary solution available on XDA which can help to solve this problem. You can try it before we roll out fix update in the future. Thanks to Frontier!


Cannot play 3D Games:
We also got some feedback from customers that the X98 tablets come from some batches get hanged while playing 3D Games such as Real Racing 3, Riptide GP2, Frontline Commando 2 and Asphalt 8. We’re looking into this problem and provide possible solution as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for supporting Teclast.

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  2. Hey Chris, I’m in need of some desperate help, please. I have successfully rooted my brand new Teclast P80 3G tablet but after I have followed your video instructions of installing google play service, google play store and then used lInk2SD to make it a system apps, the google play store still close straight away and failed to open when attempting to open the play store. many thanks Steven

  3. *for example

  4. just wondering how you make this device into android only device? (for exmaple, by deleting the windows). thank you so much.

  5. I got that tablet but my problem is that I can’t get windows on because the icon isn’t please tell me a fix

    • Dual boot and no boot menu? Hold volume up when booting the tablet and the boot selector menu will reappear. Tick the box on the top left for the menu.

  6. Hi, I have an issue on using Telcast X98 Air 3G network function. I restarted my device after I have put in my sim card but it still show No Sim Card. So I go to Setting, Mobile network and select mobile operators. My device keep searching for network operators and after 5 minutes, it gives me 2 options: 1) Search networks 2) Choose automatically. When I select either option, it still keeping searching and give me an error saying cannot connect to network,try again. I have retry many times and still could not get it to work. Anyone have this issue?

    This is the first time I use to test call function as I bought it two weeks ago.

    • I know this might sound silly but is it in the correct way? I had the same issue on my one and then I realized it was in the wrong way!

      • Hi Chris, I am not sure if using a Micro sim adapter is the cause as I follow the direction in device to insert the sim. I am using a micro sim card from telco.

        Any advise what could be the cause? Thanks

    • I’m facing same issue. Did you find any solutions?

    Your pc needs to repaired
    The bood configuration data files is missing some reuired information
    File \BCD
    Error code 0x0000034
    You´ll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don´t
    Have any installation media (like a disc or usb device) contact your system
    Administrator or pc manufacture.
    Press the windows key for uefi fireware settings

  8. hola, tengo una teclastx89,se estropeo el arranque o se perdió algo y no tengo forma de recuperarla, lo e intentado todo, los drivers en el pc no la reconoce, el panel entering dnk mode waiting for fastboot command, no se mantiene desaparece y salta a este otro panel de recovery, no dejándome instalar atravez del flash tool. PORFAVOR NECESITO ALLUDA PARA NO TENER QUE MANDARLA A CHINA.

    • Francisco tengo el mismo problema. Lograste solucionarlo, si es asi, por favor dime como

  9. The issue that I came across is an audio bug in windows 8.1. When I attach headphones I get an extremely hollow sound, so the background music is louder than words in a youtube review video. I was wondering if this is a hardware issue or not, since audio plays fine in hdmi, speakers, and Bluetooth just not headphones.

    • Yes a headphone set that doesn’t have a mic, the plug is Apple style and using just a plain stereo in-ear phones it will be fine.

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