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Jumper EZBook 3 Pro Wifi AC Model. M2 Slot & Cheaper eMMC’s?

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro Wifi AC Model. M2 Slot & Cheaper eMMC’s?

A lot of the latest Jumper EZbook 3 Pro version 3 units are now in the hands of those that ordered around the 13th of June. It took a while to ship but confirmed that the Wireless AC chip is indeed like the others Apollo Lake laptops an Intel 3165 dual-band wireless AC chip with dual antennas. So a nice upgrade from the much slower and weaker Realtek N signal band and single antenna solution found on the first 2 batches. Other changes include a minor keyboard tweak, the F12 FN function says Scroll Lock now instead of an icon, indicating a slight keyboard change, but still the same key travel and feel as the first two versions. And there is indeed an empty M.2 SSD slot inside the laptop, despite some confusion there. The rear has to be unscrewed and removed of course in order to access the slot.

Just remove the rear panel, insert a 2242 Sata3 SSD, set it to boot and clone Windows 10 from the eMMC or install Windows 10 from scratch to it.

A recommended route to go as some users in the forum have reported slow eMMC speeds, Looks like the Wireless AC came at the cost of the eMMC spec. Jumper used slower (Cheaper) BWIN and FORSEE brand eMMC’s. No longer eMMC 5 spec ones. Sadly no real change it seems to the touchpad, which supports two-finger scrolling and other gestures, it works okay but isn’t exactly a top end touchpad. But overall a great laptop, one of the best Apollo Lakes and more so for those that grabbed it for $219 USD, myself included. My one should be here next week.

For those hunting for the same deal that missed out, give coupon EZBOOKPIT a go on checkout. Apparently, it’s only for certain EU countries with cheaper shipping, but might work for some lowering the price to $220. It told me it’s not for country SPAIN. If not coupon EZBOOKM does lower the price from $299 to $249, the EZBook 3 Pro product page is here. If you find a working lower priced one, please let share it in the comments.

Look for a quick video, testing out the 3rd EZBook 3 Pro version from me early next week. It will only be a short video checking eMMC spec and speeds. SSD slot speeds and wireless AC performance. I have one coming, I sold my version 2 for this new wifi AC one as I really do need wireless AC, otherwise the 2nd version is a great laptop for the price, make sure you check the review: Jumper EZBook 3 Pro review with Pros and Cons.


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  1. After two months of using my ezbook 3 pro v4, the battery is no more than 30 minutes longer. Everything else works perfectly, and it’s very complicated for me to send a laptop to a service. Is it possible to buy only batteries for ezbook 3 pro. Thank you!

    • Doesn’t sound right at all, maybe a battery calibration issue. Have you tried disconnecting the battery and then plugging it back in and charging overnight?

      • If I tried it without results. I tried in the BIOS to find the option where this option might be, but my BIOS does not have the setup option. (very bad). I’m interested in how can I calibrate the battery? I do not understand much about all of this. Thank you very much for your help.

  2. Hey Chris,
    A few days back i got my new Jumper 3 pro v2 and I wasnt quite happy with the emms speeds, so i got myself a trancsend256mts400 and i installed it in. As suggested by you, i also got a thermal pad, 5x5cm 1mm thick and it turns out 1mm is a little too thick for the laptop- it made a little bump on the back panel eventho i trimmed it a little cuz i couldn’t even close the back lid. I would suggest if anyone is to put a thermal pad on this laptop – get a 0.5mm thick 5by5cm in size.

  3. I got one of these for my daughter and after a couple of days of use she complained that the battery would only last for about 2 hours. I have checked this and confirmed that it is in fact the case, which surprised me as one of the main pros of the ezbook was its long battery life.
    So I’ve tried various things like disconnecting the battery for a while and then plugging it back in, doing the hard reset by holding the power button down for 15 sec, but there’s been no improvement.
    But I was just looking at the image that Chris posted in the above article showing the internals with the back removed and I noticed a difference between the battery wiring of my device and Chris’s. You can see in the image above the battery has 10 wires coming out of it, 3 red, 4 black, one white, one green and one yellow. Mine is the same except there’s no green or yellow wires.
    Can anybody else comment on the battery wiring of their ezbook. I’m wondering if this is a manufacturing error or not?

    • You must have a faulty one, does not sure right at all. Even with 100% brightness and gaming I could not kill the battery in 2 hours. Get in touch with the seller and see what they can offer.

      • Thanks Chris. Yeah, I’m pretty much out of other options. Don’t like my chances though. They’ll probably want it returned and the cost of that just wouldn’t be justifiable. Unfortunately that’s just the risk you take buying stuff directly from China – sometimes you get caught. Still worth it though.

        • Sadly that’s true it can be a lottery. I’ve had many lemons in the past. At least all my EZBook 3 Pro’s have been fine. No such issue.

  4. I am not sure if I am in the right place to ask a question. I just got my ezbook 3 pro wireless ac version. I bought an SSD but I am unable to install windows on it. When I am on windows, it shows there. I am also able to store files on the SSD. I really want to install windows on my SSD. Any help is appreciated.

    SSD link https://www.amazon.com/ZTC-256GB-Armor-Drive-ZTC-SM201-256G/dp/B00YDHKIMG/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1499793152&sr=8-8&keywords=2242+ssd

    • You need to enter the bios and set it as the boot device first. Then clone or install windows to it. One easy method I often do is to first boot to the eMMC. In the search bar of Windows type “Backup Settings” then in that menu click back and restore Windows 7. Create a Windows 10 image to an external HDD, then using a Windows 10 USB pen drive (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10), boot it and go into advance settings, troubleshooting, and restore that image you just created to the new SSD. Later once back in Windows get a partition tool and regain any lost space from the move to 64GB to 256GB or whatever your SSD size is.

  5. Hello everybody, what about upgrading RAM on the ezbook 3 pro? I read that it supports up to 8GB of RAM…is this upgrade easy to perform from a technical point of view?

  6. Hey Guy,GearBest just released Jumper EZbook 3 Plus Core m3-7y30 ram 8/128 and 14.1″ FHD. Promotion Backing to School “TABLET”.

    • the price is 440$.

    • Yep, I’ve seen it. Will order one once it’s in stock and lower like $399. Or wait and see Aliexpress’s price.

  7. DO NOT buy a kingspec n42-120, I did as it was cheap and it’s horrible, terrible write performance and causes a lockup if you over tax it, waiting on a transcend now (which are hard to find in 2242).

    I feels a bit ghetto taping a 2280 in there are we sure thats a long term solution?

    • A 2280 if you do a bit of a mod might be better in the long run. My Transcend 2242 is still working fine, about a year old now.

  8. I got mine an hour ago and feels exactly the same as version 2. The Intel AC WiFi adaptor is certainly a great improvement. Never mind the crappy mmc card, this is intented to be used with a nice m.2 ssd.
    Unfortunately the touchpad is as mediocre as the V2’s, making it a deal-breaker for me. If only Jumper had chosen the one on the Jumper Ezbook 3… It is way better than this one IMO.
    Now all my hopes are on the T-Bao Tbook4. Same specs with a 14.1″ IPS screen. Fingers crossed!

    • I find the touchpad is okay, till you use two finger scrolling. Also closing or uninstalling the touchpad blocker seems to increase the sensitivity when you first use it. Still, it’s nothing like my Mi Notebook Air’s touchpad which is ten times better.

      • Actually, after uninstalling the touchpad blocker and rebooting, it feels a bit better. The two finger scrolling works fine in my unit, no issues there

        • Yes, definite improvement without it. I ran my review on an SSD with a new install of Windows 10 and none of that software. And couldn’t see why all the fuss about the touchpad. But then back on the eMMC with the touchpad-blocker installed I kinda see why not as good with that. Sure it blocks accidental touches, but really slows the performance of it.

          Just used it for a good 2 hours now, touchpad only. I don’t feel I need to grab my mouse. So I’m happy.

          • It could be wishful thinking and It needs some extra testing (reboot maybe), but I just installed touchpad blocker again (version and the touchpad is even better now. It was already an inprovement uninstalling it, but after installing it again it feels the same. And I can scroll with two fingers.

    • Oh, and I hope the Tbook4 is even better. But for the now the EZBook 3 Pro is the king of the budget notebooks out of China.

      • It is a great budget laptop indeed. And battery seems to last a lot! I love the build. Will keep it until I get the Tbook4 to decide which one to keep

        • Same here, the Tbook4 if it’s like the Tbook Air I have, will perform better than the Jumper. They have used either faster RAM or bios setting that means the iGPU is much quicker than all the other Apollo Lakes. Not sure what they did but at 1080p, Halflife 2 lost coast benchmark the Tbook Air gets 69 FPS average default settings. Then on my Jumper Ebook 3 Pro version, only 42.44 fps average same exact settings!!!

          So if they configured it the same it will be a winner, but also depends on the build, screen and many other things like battery life, sound and any issues etc. My quest to find the best Apollo Lake laptop continues and I’m still to review the new Yepo 767 N3450 and the Onda Xiaoma 31 (13.3″)

      • Has the tbook4 got ac WiFi?

        • Not sure, it’s the only thing I haven’t confirmed. I think I read 5Ghz. Geekbuying lists it as Wifi N. I hope it’s got Wifi AC. There is also the Tbook X7http://item.jd.com/13239483565.html#crumb-wrap which looks like a EZBook 3 Pro more or less.

  9. What type if M.2 ssd can be used?
    M+B key or just M key?
    And what size?

    • M-key or SATA3 only spec. It’s mean for 2242, but if you remove the plastic around the SSD a 2260 and 2280 will fit, but you should remove the screw and then use some electrical tape to keep it in place. The 2280 drives are faster than the 2242 and generally cheaper.

  10. Have been playing around with mine for a few days now. The touchpad tip sportnok posted about holding one finger in place and scrolling with the other really does make a big difference. It’s a bit of an annoyance just because all other machines i use/have used do not require this, but it’s not the end of the world to me. It also took me a minute to realize that when moving/resizing windows, you do not need to hold the button down and move the mouse at the same time, but rather double tap or click on the top of the window and then drag. This might be a win 10 feature where click dragging is enabled by default. Was not the case on my win7 machine. One other weird quirk i’m noticing is that the battery LED stays red the entire time during charging and the laptop will say charging 100% instead of fully charged. I’m not sure if the LED is supposed to change colors or windows is supposed to say fully charged, but I just wouldn’t want any weird overcharging to occur and fry the battery. It doesn’t seem to be getting too hot or anything though. All things considered, if this thing holds up through a few years of light use, it’s definitely a steal at $219!

  11. I just got mine. It also has a BWIN eMMC listed as NCard. Speeds are 60 mb/s read and 40 write mbs (sequential). 4k Randoms are very low (2mbs). Pretty crappy eMMC really, but it doesn’t seem to affect Windows 10 too much, but compared to when I installed my SSD, it’s noticeable.

    I can see this is how Jumper gave us the Wireless AC chipset by saving cash on the eMMC. Since we have the M.2 slot it doesn’t bother me. Touchpad seems okay still, good most of the time. But not good at tow finger scrolling, uninstalling the touchpad blocker software or closing it seems to help to me.

    Wireless AC performance is great, well worth it. Glad I sold my version 2 for this one. Now 300+ Mbits downloads and 250 Mbits uploads. The range has improved too greatly over the RealTek N and not more Bluetooth lag with my Bluetooth mouse. Overall super happy, this without a doubt is the best N3450 laptop out. Especially for that $219 price we paid! I’ll have to update my review and rating now it has Wireless AC.

  12. Have compared transferring pictures and music on my version 2 and 3 ezbook 3 Pro.
    A 2gb file of jpg’s moved from eMMC(generic Ncard) to USB drive(64gb Sandisk Extreme) took 34 seconds on the version 2 and 46 seconds on the version 3.
    USB to eMMC was 28secs vs 32secs.
    The 1gb of music was roughly similar on both versions, be it eMMC to USB or USB to eMMC.
    So in real terms its better than the crystalmark scores suggest. I’ve not noticed a difference in the operation of Windows for the short time I’ve used it.

  13. Coupon EZBOOKPIT cannot be used for orders to Germany 🙁

    • Seems it’s for Italians only then. Shame, hope there is a $219 flash sale or coupon again.

  14. Mine has shipped today finally…! Hope to see it in my hands soon!

    For ITALIAN people trying to buy it: do not use italy express shipment because they will not ship through this method although available. In order to save time select DHL shipping since the beginning of the order placement.

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