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First Chuwi VI8 user hands on experience posted

First Chuwi VI8 user hands on experience posted

This system was only releaed about a week ago in China, here is a quick user report from by user liagnchen. He has posted a few photos of the unit in action. If you can make out the translation it would seem there is no OTG? Hard to believe or there is no OTG cable supplied? And the camera’s are poor. What did he expect from a 0.3 megapixel front camera and 2mp rear? Remember this is a $99 tablet, but besides the camera and lack of HDMI, has decent specs.

Translated from Google Translate:

Most of the win tablet is no home button, except vi8. Touch the Microsoft logo can return to the start screen, very convenient. Camera Front rear 2,000,000 300,000 pixels with relatively low use it temporarily. Given the unique charm win system, vi8 can be like an ordinary flat like installing applications from Microsoft application store, or you can install the same as pc exe program, scalability is very strong. App Store is currently normal use in China, lack pace but acceptable. Because wp application should not have much, the game is a little more, I would choose more representative of the Asphalt 8 test. Fortunately vi8 gravity sensor, incidentally also has a light sensor, Bluetooth 4.0, wifi signal is good, of course, substitute widi htmi HD video transmission, although more advanced devices currently supported, but not much, so the practicality and not. Asphalt entire gaming process without Caton, good special effects, so it seems to play the game or application level no problem.

You can read the rest of here – (Google Chrome needed)

I should be getting my hands on one of these in a week to review. Check back for my review here.

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  1. i took a deep breath and upgraded to win 10
    it works!
    it even fixed the driver problem that made the sd card unuseable on wun 8.1!

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