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Our Chuwi Vi8 unboxing video and first impressions.

Our Chuwi Vi8 unboxing video and first impressions.

Our review Chuwi Vi8 has just arrived in today. Fresh of the DHL van comes our quick unboxing video. The Chuwi Vi8 is one of those tablets setting a new price point at $99 USD. The difference being it has the same spec of a Dell Venue 8 Pro. An Atom Bay Trail @ 1.83 Ghz, 2GB 1333Mhz ram, a 32GB eMMC flash drive and a 1280 x 800 IPS screen, mircosd slot and all in a shell that even looks similar to the VP8. The question is, is this just another best to avoid 8″ inch super cheap tablet or something good for once, at the low price point of 99 bucks? My plan is to find out, so please check back for more hands on videos and finally our review of the Chuwi Vi8.

 First impressions:

  • Build quality better than expected
  • Mono speaker at the back.
  • Plastic matte brushed metal type finish on the rear.
  • 0.3 mp front camera sucks (As to be expetced)
  • Seems smooth and quick.
  • Packaging is very basic to save money no doubt.



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  1. hie, so i bought a Chuwi Vi8 tablet and as i was jus starting to use it, i saw that some functions were not working , i tried working with it in safe mode but as when i changed the it to boot in safe mode the touch is not working which i guess safe mode turned off…would u mind help me with how i can go back to normal boot mode or just information on how i can factory reset since i didnt have much stuff in it
    Thank you in advance

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