Windows 10

GPD Pocket

The GPD Pocket is a 7-inch Windows 10 super portable and tiny laptop. It has a 1080p fully laminated IPS Screen, it's powered by a fan cooled Atom X7-8750. It has 8GB of LPDDR3 dual channel RAM, Samsung 128GB eMMC 4.5, USB 3.1 type-C, Micro HDMI, USB 3.0 and 7000mAh battery all in a compact design with a full metal build, keyboard and track pointer.

Chuwi Hi10

The Chuwi Hi10 is the successor to the popular Chuwi Vi10 (Atom Bay Trail). It features a 10.1" 16:10 ratio screen with a 1920 x 1200 resolution. The Hi10 is powered by an Atom X5 Z8300 Cherry Trail and 4GB of single channel LPDDR3 RAM. The Gen8 Intel Graphics features an 8 EU bump up over the Bay Trail Atom. Storage is handled by a 64GB 4.51 spec eMMC and can be expanded via the MicroSD card slot...[Read More]

Vensmile i10 A Fan Cooled Atom Mini PC with Dual Band WiFi

A late comer into the mini PC market with the release of Cherry Trail Mini PC’s still this new Mini PC the Vensmile i10 is a little different from your average Bay Trail Mini PC. Firstly it’s got a unique stand-up design and it’s cooled by a large heat sink and fan. Something the Z3735F Atom doesn’t normally require, but I have seen them get hot and keeping the little Atom ...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Air 3G latest revision C5J6 now ships with Windows 10 Home image

I recently ordered a couple of cheap $185 X98 Air 3G’s for resale and although the Banggood listing said they were Windows 8.1 models, to my surprise both models have Windows 10 preinstalled from the factory. So Teclast stock, at least on is now shipping with Win 10. You can, of course, upgrade your Windows 8.1 X98 to Windows 10. But this version has the recovery as Win 10 which...[Read More]

Windows 10 Vs Windows 8.1 on the Teclast X98 Air 3G

I conducted a little experiment today, I pitted a recently updated X98 Air 3G running Windows 10 Home against another X98 Air 3G with the original Windows 8.1 Bing image. Both tablets are the C5J6 model and have identical 64GB Samsung eMMC drives. The results are in my short video below: Note* Both machines were run on battery power and both left to cool between the benchmarks.

Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image With Recovery Partition

If you have a Chuwi Hi8, you have two ways to get Windows 10 you can run the Windows update and upgrade. Or what I did here was flash over a Windows 10 image from Chuwi’s official forum. This image here has a recovery wim and is in Chinese and English. It’s set up with all the drivers and works perfectly for me. There is one downside to this however, it’s not activated and you ha...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Air 3G Windows 10 Update And Windows 10 Drivers

Teclast have posted on their Weibo today, that the X98 Air 3G can update to the official Windows 10 release out today. (I’m updating mine now to test it out) According to Teclast, it’s working just fine, only one issue with an unknown device in the device manager. But they have released their X98 Air 3G C5JX Windows 10 drivers pack to fix this: Other models like the Air two to follow. ...[Read More]

Onda V919 3G Core M, To Ship With Win 8.1. Dual Boot Win 10 And Android 5 Coming

There is some confusing over the Onda v919 3G Core M being a dual boot tablet. I know it will ship with Windows 8.1. However, according to a Weibo posted from Onda, they will later on release on their forums a Windows 10 and Android 5 dual boot bios, ROM and image for the tablet. The translated Weibo claims it will be a proper Android / Windows dual boot set up, not the emulated Android x86 applic...[Read More]

Teclast 9.7″ Retina Core M And Cherry Trail Tablets Coming soon

Looking at the Weibo’s today I saw this coming soon announcement from Teclast: The quality of the image isn’t very good, neither is my Chinese or the Google translation, but it looks like August the 10th is the date for a new announcement. A Windows 10 powered 9.7″ Core M Retina tablet? (Onda v919 3G Core M) competitor? And you can see the words Cherry Trail. It’s about tim...[Read More]

Onda’s Windows 10 upgrade plans announced

A Weibo announcement today from Onda, they have plans to offer Windows 10 upgrades from the following models to start with, Onda v891 Dual OS, Onda V919 Air 3G and the Onda V919 Core M. I imagine this will be a full file with drivers and recovery deal. Not just an upgrade that Windows 10 everyone gets on the 29th.

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