Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro

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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Downloads


Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro downloads, bios updates, drivers and Windows 10 ISO images. The official drivers page for the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro can be found here. 

Mi Notebook Pro Bios 4015.0 MiB441
Mi Notebook Pro Bios 6035.3 MiB1800
Mi Notebook Pro Bios Update SSD Speed Fix XMAKB5R0P03004.9 MiB3416
Mi Notebook Pro Patches2.7 MiB560
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Drivers Timi TM1701940 MiB5572
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Drivers Timi TM1701 (doubledriver Dump)659 MiB1203

Mi Notebook Pro i5/i7 Bios updates (Flash with extreme caution and only if you know what you’re doing!)

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Bios 03004.9 MiB569
XMAKB5R0P0401 (Bios Dump) Flash With With Caution4.7 MiB542
XMAKB5R0P05025.3 MiB534

Info on Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro bios flashing and versions in this post and comments.


  1. Hi,

    My fn+ESC doesnt work. Do you have keyboard drivers for the Xiaomi Notebook pro 15.6?

  2. Can you upload a video with patch step by step?


  3. Hi
    I try the patch and i stop when i need to run unlocme. always say that “patchscript_blu.ps1 is not digitallysigned”.
    any solution what i doing wrong?

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