Teclast X16 Pro

Teclast X16 Pro / X16 Power Gets It’s First Custom Rom

Remember the Teclast X16 Pro I reviewed a while back? maybe not. It has Teclast’s usual laggy launcher and bloated Android 5.1 Rom with plenty of Chinese apps we don’t need. Well, Pedro in our Teclast X16 Pro forums has come up with a lighter rom with a few tweaks. Might be worth a look for those with an X16 Power or Pro. Rom changes: Changes made: -Remove ALL  applications except Chin...[Read More]

Teclast X16 Pro Review Online & Limited Sale Price

If you missed it, my Teclast X16 Pro review is now online. While not a bad tablet, it does have some flaws and throttling in Windows. As an Android tablet with a nice keyboard doc it’s not a bad machine, but if you’re after it more for Windows I would take a look at other tablet offers out there. GearBest also has it on special for $263, but only 120 units will be offered at this price...[Read More]

Teclast X16 Pro / Power Downloads

Teclast X16 Por and Teclast X16 Power downloads. Please note the downloads and drivers for the X16 Power and X16 Pro models are the same. The only difference is the Ram and Atom chipset. Teclast X16 Pro and Power Windows 10 and Android image.

Teclast X16 Pro Windows Benchmarks, Gaming & 4k Test Plus Thermals.

As I work through all my benchmarks and tests of the X16 Pro for the full written review you can at least see some of the results now in the below video. My X16 Pro written review should be a week or so off before it’s online. I’ll be flying to New Zealand soon for a months break, but I’ll still be reviewing tablets there. Hopefully, I’ll have the Chuwi Hi8 Pro and the Hi10...[Read More]

Teclast X16 Pro Android Hands On, Benchmarks, Gaming and Screen.

Ran through the normal tests I do in Android, benchmarks, the screen, sound and temps in Android are fine. The X16 didn’t really go over 40 degrees which was good to see. But I’ll be testing out Windows now and looking to temps there more closely as the X5 Z8500 can be hot (as seen in the X98 Pro). But for now here’s the Android side of things before my full written review is up ...[Read More]

Teclast X16 Pro Unboxing And First Impressions

My X16 Pro order showed up today, I didn’t expect it as the tracking number I had for the order wasn’t this one. But all good. I got the keyboard, no stylus. But I will try and get one asap. Good build quality, what I’ve come to expect from Teclast Screen is fine, 1080p on an 11.6″ screen isn’t the sharpest, but still okay to me. Bezels are large, the bottom bezel is ...[Read More]

Teclast X16 Power Now Listed on GearBest for $359

The Teclast X16 Power is now listed on GearBest.com for $359. The X16 Power looks to be the fastest Atom dual boot tablet around with its 8GB of dual channel ram and top of the line Atom X7 Z8700. This is the same chipset as the Surface 3 reviewed here, but with double the Ram. The X16 Power and Pro do support an activate stylus, which according to some is the same stylus as Dell’s active st...[Read More]

Teclast X16 Power and Pro International Windows 10 Image

Teclast has released their X16 Power and X16 Pro Windows 10 “Universal Edition” image, which I take it must be an international image with English and Chinese. According to one Aliexpress seller I talked to, it was Chinese Windows 10 only the X16, so this must be the Int’l Win 10 image, handy for those that have ordered Teclast’s new X16 Pro or Power to only find it in Chin...[Read More]

Teclast X16 Pro / Power Review

Teclast’s X16 Pro is a new Atom Cherry Trail successor to the X16HD 3G. It comes in two variants, the X16 Pro Atom X5 Z8500 (reviewed here) or the X16 Power, the same tablet  but with an Atom X7 Z8700 and 8GB of Ram. The X16 Pro and Power feature Dual Boot, Windows 10 and Android 5.1. A 1080p 11.6 inch 16:9 screen and a larger keyboard dock than the 10-inch models. What’s in the Box: 1 x Tec...[Read More]

Teclast’s 11.6″ Atom X7 Z8700 Tablet Called X16 Power – X16 Pro On Preorder

An update on Teclast’s Weibo today confirmed the beefed up Atom X7 Z8700 + 8GB LPDDR3 Ram model (Same Atom X7 CPU as the Surface 3) will be officially called the Teclast X16 Power. And it suits as it’s basically just a spec’ed up X16 Pro sharing the same screen and housing, as well as a keyboard dock that looks to be the same high-quality keyboard the 11.6″ X2 Pro Core M us...[Read More]

Teclast X16 Pro – Business focused 11.6″ X5 Z8500, USB 3.0 and Keyboard Dock (Updated)

Teclast has announced, their 4th new Atom Cherry Trail tablet this month. The X16 Pro and it’s aimed directly at the Chuwi Hi10 I think. Remember the X16HD I reviewed? Maybe not, well this is the updated version with the new X5 Z8500 and a standard (full sized?) USB 3.0 port. It’s doing to be a dual boot system with Windows 10/Android 5, with 4GB of ram, 64GB eMMC and active stylus sup...[Read More]

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