Atom z3735F

Teclast X89 Kindow Unboxing And First Look

The new 4:3 budget dual tablet from Teclast has arrived in the office. Here’s the unboxing video of the X89 Kindow, it’s got a 1440 x 1080 Samsung IPS screen, 32GB eMMC, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and last years Atom Bay Trail Z3735F (Using old stock?). Also found out it’s only running Android 4.4.4 which is now very dated, but at least it’s Windows 10 and not 8.1. Hope to see that up...[Read More]

Vensmile i10 A Fan Cooled Atom Mini PC with Dual Band WiFi

A late comer into the mini PC market with the release of Cherry Trail Mini PC’s still this new Mini PC the Vensmile i10 is a little different from your average Bay Trail Mini PC. Firstly it’s got a unique stand-up design and it’s cooled by a large heat sink and fan. Something the Z3735F Atom doesn’t normally require, but I have seen them get hot and keeping the little Atom ...[Read More]

Ainol V1 Mini PC Dual Boot Z3735F with LAN, 2 x USB ports

A while ago I reviewed the Voyo Mini PC and it was quite disappointing, I was looking for a mini PC to double as a media TV box and movies, download machine. But the Voyo just wasn’t up to the job having very slow storage and lag. This Ainol V1 looks interesting, similar spec, but it has a RJ45 lan port. Which is what I’m after on a mini pc, that and a full sized HDMI port, microsd slo...[Read More]

Cube iWork8 3G Dual OS Review

The Cube iwork8 3G Dual OS is an updated version of the Cube iwork8. Now sporting a micro sim slot and 3G 900Mhz/2100Mhz modem and a large capacity battery. The original iwork8 had only a 3500mAH battery which just wasn’t enough, Cube corrected this error and opted for a larger 5000mAH battery. Android 4.4.4 and Windows 8.1 Bing are the installed operating systems on this entry level tablet....[Read More]

Cube iWork8 3G Dual OS

The Cube iwork8 3G is an 8 inch dual boot entry level tablet with 3G.

PiPo W4S Dual OS Review

The W4S is an entry level budget orientated 8 inch dual boot tablet, it’s an upgrade over the original PiPo W4 which had a limiting 1GB of ram. PiPo now upped the specifications to 2GB of ram, upgraded the cameras to a 2MP front facing camera and a 5MP rear. Normally these 8″ tablets have only 0.3MP and 2 for the rear. They joined the current dual boot trend, making it an Android 4.4.4...[Read More]

Pipo W3F review online & what’s up next?

Our PiPo W3F review is now online, if you haven’t seen earlier posts on this tablet, the W3F is the cheaper version of the W3. Instead of a Z3775D (2.4Ghz) processor, Pipo have used a Z3735F which clocks up to 1.8ghz and a 32GB eMMC. There is no included 3G ultrastick with this cheaper model and no USB 3.0 port. Still, check out the review I found it to be a good work orientated tablet for t...[Read More]

Cube i6 Air 3G Dual OS Review

The Cube i6 has been out for a while, it was the first 9.7 inch Retina display tablet to feature an Intel "Bay trail" Atom CPU, seeing the success Teclast and Onda have had with their dual boot tablets, Cube adapted the i6's bios to now support a dual boot setup. As a result the i6 Dual OS was born.

PiPo W3F Bay Trail Surface 2 Pro style tablet shipping for $190

We now have PiPo W3F and the review is now online here: PiPo W3F Review Just a few months back PiPo launched theWork W3 with a 64GB eMMC drive, Full sized USB 3.0 port and an Atom Bay Trail z3775 processor, now PiPo have the cheaper version, ditching the 64GB eMMC and Z3775 CPU for a cheaper 32GB eMMC drive and the Z3735F (1.8Ghz) And it’s shipping for only $190 on Aliexpress and for $25 to ...[Read More]

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