Teclast X98 Pro

Teclast Download Section Now Working Again!

Thank you to everyone that let me know. The downloads sections for the X98 Pro and Teclast downloads in general was playing up for some reason with all downloads timing out. I’ve reuploaded the files and synced it all again so it should be fine. Apologies for this. If you noticed that a whole download section isn’t working, please let me know from the contact page. Not that any support...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Pro Mirek190 v6 Custom Rom Released

Update: X98 Pro Mirek190 v6 has been released. Changelog & download below: -modded the RAM chandler – much more efficient the heavy multi tasking – better settings for LMK – better settings for ODM – fixed black screens that occur sometimes ( the second attempt ) – increased sedder randomizer ( less IO congest ) – possibility to change navigation bar to 3 bu...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Pro Custom Rom – Mirek190 V4.0

Mirek190 is back with a new ROM for the Teclast X98 Pro. The tablet is still receiving some love from him, not so much from Teclast. This latest release features a long list of changes (See below) many tweaks and fixes to get the best out of your X98 Pro when running Android. X98 Pro Mirek190 V4.0 Changelog: – new default wallpaper – added contacts – added setup wizard after a clean install ...[Read More]

Mirek190’s Teclast X98 Pro V2.0 Rom Released

Update: V2.01 Released, fixes flashing issues. Mirek190 is back with a new custom rom for the Teclast X98 Pro, this latest version features tweaks, multitasking and speed improvements. Changelog below: v2.01 —————————————— – removed chrome – added stock browser from AOSP rom – much lighter and very fast ( at the moment we have only 2 GB of ram available in android … ) – enabled zRam – 600 MB – KSM...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Pro Mirek190 V1.1 Custom Rom Released (Updated)

  Update: Mirek190 has released 1.1 version, it’s the same Rom, just now the download incorporates the flashing tool. The download is below. Mirek190, famous for his work on the X98 Air 3G has released his first custom rom for theTeclast X98 Pro. This Rom called v1 has all the Chinese apps removed, tweaks and improvements over the stock Teclast Rom. I haven’t tested this one mysel...[Read More]

Mirek190 Teclast X98 Pro Flash Tool released

For those having issues flashing their X98 Pro’s with Mirek190’s new Teclast X98 Pro custom rom. This new flash tool should make things easier to flash the V1 ROM. Just place the Rom in the folder, boot your X98 Pro into DnX Mode and then run the FLASH.bat and follow the instructions, easy! flashing tool v1 –  put rom files into rom folder then : – boot device in DNX mode ( power + vol...[Read More]

A look at X98 Pro Vs X98 Plus Vs X98 Air 3G

Confused with all the X98 models? I compared and benchmarked the following models in these two videos. The Teclast X98 Air 3G (Dual OS), The X98 Pro (Dual OS) and the X98 Plus (Windows 10) I recently reviewed. What I didn’t know was the full battery life of the X98 Plus at time of this video as I hadn’t finished my full battery test. It beats them all with over 8 hours. All the benchma...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Pro Mod: Add A Full Sized USB Port

Ever wanted a full sized USB 2.0 port on your X98 Pro? I know I have, well forum member Idris has done just that. There is a spare USB header on the motherboard, which with a bit of soldering skill means you can wire up a USB pen drive internally or like what Idris has done add a female USB 2.0 connector. It also powers an external hard drive, so not bad. Handy for those that really must have a fu...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Pro+ A New X98 Pro Model For South Korea

Teclast Korea seems to have their own improved X98 Pro+ version. Now I don’t read Korean, but user YouJoon Park does and has pointed out it looks to have some unique features over the X98 Pro. The chipset remains the same Atom X5 Z8500 (2.24 Ghz) with 4GB of Ram, 64GB eMMC and dual OS. But it has something new, a GrafTech eGraf SS-610CU thermal solution (Aka heatsink). So Teclast is addressi...[Read More]

11.11 Teclast X98 Pro $115 Snap Up Sale

Bangood.com have a snap up sale on the 11th, like Aliexpress and other retails in China the 11/11 is a big day for sales. BG will have the Teclast X98 Pro on sale for only $115, down from $231. There is a catch however, you’ll have to be extra fast to get it at this price as only 10 units will go for this price. There will be many 11.11 sales on, I’ll be posting the best ones as we com...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Pro (K9C3) Dual Boot Bios Released

Teclast has released the dual OS bios for the X98 Pro. This came out on the Teclast forum, unexpected since it is their national day in China today. I’ve yet to try this myself as my X98 Pro is out of battery. While it charges up to a safe 50% I’ll flash the new bios and try again to Flash Android 5 and later Windows 10 with the WINRE image. I’ll get some details up soon with a h...[Read More]

Daily Deal: Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS Cherry Trail for $229

GearBest has a new coupon deal on the X98 Pro Cherry Trail version of the X98 Air 3G. With coupon code EMX98 the price drops down to $229, which is the best price yet for the Teclast X98 Pro. If you’re not familiar with the X98 Pro, it’s a 9.7″ retina screen tablet with 4GB of ram and the new Atom Cherry Trail X5 Z8500. Be sure to check out my X98 Pro review if you are seriously ...[Read More]

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