Atom X5 Z8300 Cherry Trail

Teclast X80 Power – Full Metal Slim Version Of The X80 Pro

This Teclast X80 Power was added today on GearBest, it’s yet to be announced on Teclast’s Weibo. But the new X80 Power is basically a more premium X80 Pro with a new slimmer full metal housing. The screen is the same a 1920 x 1200 16:10 IPS panel, 2GB of Ram and an Atom X5 Z8300. It’s also dual boot, Android 5.1 and Windows 10 Home. Everything including the camera is the same spe...[Read More]

Cube iwork11 Stylus X5 Z8300 Hands On & First Impressions

The same day my X16 Pro arrived from China, so did the Cube iwork11 Stylus. It’s basically the Cube i7 Stylus, without the Core M, it was swapped for an Atom X5 Z8300 with 4GB of Ram and the 64GB SSD replaced with a 64GB eMMC. Everything else is the same, same Wacom support, same screen, same design, housing and keyboard dock. Even the box is the same! I picked this one up from ...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi8 Pro

The Chuwi Hi8 Pro is the successor to the popular Atom bay Trail Z3736 Hi8. The Hi8 Pro shares the same design as the Hi8, but it has an upgraded Atom Cherry Trail X5 Z8300 1.84Ghz SoC with Intel Gen8 graphics and 12 EU cores. A bump in graphics performance over the Hi8. The screen also remains unchanged with the same 16:10 ratio 1920 x 1200 panel. One new feature of the Hi8 Pro is it the microUSB...[Read More]

Cube iwork11 Stylus Atom X5 Z8300 Tablet With Wacom Stylus Support

Edit: Hands on with the iwork11 Stylus: Cube are back with a new Cherry Trail release, and I think a lot of you stylus users are going to like this one. The Cube iwork11 is basically the i7 Stylus and keyboard with a new Atom X5 Z8300 SoC and it retains all the good things about the i7 Stylus, same housing, build, k...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Plus Official Specs and Price

The latest 9.7″ tablet from Teclast the X98 Plus, is now listed on Taoboa/ with 4GB of Ram, 64GB eMMC and an Atom X5 Z8300 with a boost of 1.84Ghz. Other specs are the same as the X98 Air series, MicroSD card slot, Wireless A/G/N and BT 4.0, the battery is the same too, 8000mAH. Good for 4, maybe 5 hours on the Z8300? The price, 999 yuan (special starting price) Which is around $160...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Plus Announced, Another Cherry Trail 9.7″ Tablet

Teclast has announced on Weibo yet another 9.7″ Retina tablet. It features the slightly slower X5 Z8300 Cherry Trail than the X98 Pro. No other specs were confirmed, OS or price but it does have the new Teclast Air III unibody casing. My rough guess is it will cost around $170-$180 USD, if the X98 Pro is now $219 it’s got to be much less. I assume it will have 2GB of RAM and a 32GB/64G...[Read More]

New 8″ Cherry Trail Tablets, the Teclast X80 Pro and X80 Plus

Teclast have updated their X80 line, and plan to release the X80 Plus and X80 Pro version. Both models are a successor to the Teclast X80h and both will be powered with the Atom X5 Z8300, 2GB of Ram and a 32GB eMMC. The difference between the Pro and Plus is the screen, much like the Chuwi Vi8 and Hi8. The plus has an 1280 x 800 IPS panel and the pro an 1920 x 1200 panel. Which I assume will be th...[Read More]

[Update] Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate Atom X5 Z8300 Announced

10/10 update: Chuwi had a conference today and officially announced the Vi10 Ultimate. It’s exactly the same as the Vi10, with one difference it has the new Atom X5 Z8300 with 2GB of Ram and a 64GB eMMC. Windows 10 and Android 5 (I think it has Dual OS) Released today apparently, so it should be up for sale next week. Some sellers on Ali Express already have it listed here:[Read More]

Second Cherry Trail tablet for Onda, the 8 inch V820w CH

Yet another Cherry Trail tablet to be released. After the announcement of the X5 Z8500 Cherry Trail 9.7″ Retina Onda V919 Air CH it seems there was another Cherry Trail tablet in the works by Onda. Details of a new 8 inch V820w upgrade with an Atom X5 Z8300, called, wait for it…The V820w CH! CH standing for Cherry Trail of course (Wait shouldn’t it be CT?) The rest of the tablets...[Read More]

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