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  1. well specced laptop ?

  2. I hope

  3. Topnotch reviews! Have watched many of them and also bought a couple of Xiaomi phones based on your hones opinion. Keep up the good work. And by the way, happy to participate in the giveaway competition. All the best from Johan, Sweden

  4. Love the MSI, doubt I’ll win, but I’ll try anywhere πŸ™‚

  5. Congrats Goodluck to me.!!

  6. I think I am not win this price….
    It’s probability is higher …
    Just a participating….
    B coz …
    Any chance…

  7. Honest reviews and no sponsoring, can’t ask for more ingot into Xiaomi because of you, love it. And my cube i7 is my daily helper. Ty an sleep it up mate!?

  8. Only u r using all types of technical instruments for reviewing. Great job sir

  9. I think I need this new Mobile Smartphone from China. Because i love to use Asus & Lenovo too. Wish da Best ^_^

  10. I like this phone

  11. Yes thank you for beening honesty I wish to win in future!.

  12. In Africa that phone is not found and many peaple don’t no about it so if they see me with this Phone and see how good it is they will bay it so please bro as I said is not easy for me to bay it because I don’t have money to bay it I do love xiaomi smartphone please let me have this giveaway so peaple in Africa Tanzania no about it. Please I beg of you!.

  13. I wish to win it and it will be a great gift because is phone i love most and i don’t have money to bay it!.

  14. wow i want that πŸ˜€ shit yayayayayya

  15. Great review, and good value for money. It is really great that Xiaomi are also focusing on camera.

  16. I just really like your non Bullshit reviews. Saving people a lot of hassle .keep it up Chris.

  17. Bro I love this beast. I love ur all reviews ?? but recently I can see some of ur videos cuz I have my xm’s. Thanks for ur giveaaway.

  18. I want to win this phone. I watched your review and its very entertaining especially the camera of this phone rocks the eis is better than ois of galaxy s7. I have my savings now but its not that enough to buy this phone. My phone is already 3 year old with mediatek mt6592 its only 3G and its so lag because of its only 2GB of Ram and it heats a lot because of its 28nm size I want to have this phone because its snapdragon 636 and its only 14nano meter half the size of my processor and twice the Ram size and a huge 64GB internal storage plus its already 4G lte please please please choose me. GODBLESS AS ALL. Even though im not the one whose gonna win congrats to those who lucky to win this amazi g phone youre very lucky

  19. I hope I can win this one!!!! You are one of the very few youtubers who give indepth reviews for products of xiaomi and all!!! Redmi Note 5 seems to be a terrific phone which i like to win ofcourse

  20. Hopefully i can win this phone for my birthday and play with my cousins…For some reasons my phone is laggy and fully lag and viruses ??

  21. I wish i can win this for my birthday…Pls pick me

  22. Sorry I don’t have bank account for the patreon thing.

  23. f i win this phone both of us my cousin will be happy and i will be too…My birthday is coming on april 20 and I’m always wanting to have this phone for like ages but we don’t have enough money to buy one I’ll be so happy if i win the phone for my birthday and i can give my old phone to my cousin because she’s been wanting my phone….Thx wish us all luck to win

  24. Thank you very much….

  25. I love Xiaomi phones. they’re definitely the best for me; no other brand makes what I would consider a perfect phone (sadly).

    If I win this one, I’ll gift it to my grandfather, who still works full-time, being a pretty famous scientist in his field – yet uses an ancient feature phone with buttons, and averted previous efforts to switch to something modern. I believe he won’t be able to resist this beauty!

    … Probably will do it anyway – but winning a giveaway would be nice for a change.

  26. I have seen many videos of this smartphone and all have very positive review in such a price. And i really need a phone cause my current phone Xperia U is outdated i guess. It would be a world to me if i get this phone πŸ™‚

  27. I really like this phone, because my present phone is really bulky bad , sometimes I can’t play games like Minecraft (latest version) , It always lag , sometimes I can’t search, stream videos, and storage is only 8 GB . I wish I am the one who will win this giveaway.Actually I download two videos of unboxing and hands-on ( 2 videos only because of the storage) and one of the videos is coming from you. Every time we pray I always say to god that help me to get this phone.Now, this is my chance to own this new, good camera, fast performance, big storage, good design, xiaomi redmi note 5 pro. I really really really really really really love this phone ???

  28. phone is great. i realy like the Phone.I need this phone.

  29. This phone is great. i realy like the Phone.I need this phone.

  30. I’m a fan of Xiaomi. Already have MiMax, Redmi Note 4x, mi band and scooter M365. This last accessory is really my beloved one ?. Viva Espana and Denia!

  31. I am a graduating student. I hope I can win this smartphone as my graduation gift.

  32. It will be great to win this phone because i would like to give it to my girfriend how love to take nice pictures and doesnt as a decent phone for photos.
    I love you site and youtube channels, for you really in deeph tests on really practical every day view… not only the smalltalk of shallow review and unboxings!
    Many thanks 4 making my like easier and best teck choises.

  33. finally, a good camera in Xiaomi smartphone

  34. Extra Ordinary Phone ?
    Snapdragon 636 ?
    20 MegaPixel Front Camera ?
    Face Unlock ?
    Fingerprint Fast Improvement
    18:9 Display ?
    Valuable For Money

  35. I ordered one a few days ago
    The 6GB Ram one

    But it would be great to win one for my Wife

  36. Xiaomi is the one of the best Mobile all over world currently using Xiaomis little beast Redmi 1s past 3 years still it’s performing well hope I will win Redmi note 5

  37. This is very nice phone.

  38. nice phone,nice looking, hope I’ll win this phone.

  39. best budget mobile phone

  40. i using redmi 5 feel great πŸ™‚
    hope can won this note 5 πŸ™‚

  41. xiaomi really is a brilliant company.their mobiles are very good at dirt cheap price.

  42. Have had 5 xiaomi phones in the past due to its budget and my current economic situation.
    Good for the price and a breather compared to samsung’s premium pricing.
    My son took over the redmi note 3 (2gb ram, 16 gb mem) and submerged it…
    needless to say…..
    sigh, as if daddy’s money grows on trees….

  43. Awesome phone, I think all phones should have an IR sensor. Xiaomi is doing good hope my next phone will be the Mix 2S with the upgraded cameras.

  44. Two thumbs up for this phone. Its a great phone for me. It was a budget friendly and the specs was awesome…..

  45. so far best Redmi phone in a budget, Build Quality, Bigger Display, best mid range processor, face unlock feature. Dual Camera and Better Camera.

  46. not sure whether protruding camera is adding to the outlook of that phone (which is ok in overallt)

  47. Looks like a great phone for the price. Been looking fire a replacement for my daughter’s Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 pro, as she broke her screen.

  48. So good, and support cdma800.

  49. Poor peoples iPhone… Best value for money til date

  50. That’s a good phone compared to the Indian version! But if we buy through China websites will it have global warranty or only China warranty???

  51. Wow it has greater and improved cameras than the Indian version!! And can you say me how much would be the custom chargers if we book from India???

  52. the best mobile phone bellow 30000 great work by xiomi

  53. This is the best review and I love Xiaomi Redmi Note 5.

  54. This phone is great

  55. I am also waiting for this phone In Pakistan . Nice phone

  56. Budget king with affordable price tag…

  57. best budget mobile phone
    overall for me
    great camera

  58. Nice phone this is….. we indians have redmi note 5 pro…..xiaomi always do partiality wid indians as they launched redmi note 5 in china with some better modifications…. so i want this Chinese version of it.hope i may be winner

  59. I think that Xiaomi is a really great budged phone the camera is really good and if I win this amazing camera I would use it for my YouTube Channel because the quality is great?

  60. I think that Xiaomi is a really great budged phone the camera is really good and if I win this amazing can!era I would use it for my YouTube Channel because the quality is great?

  61. This is the best smartphone for me cuz its for gaming and also the camera is good.

  62. Xiaomi brings awesome features every time, yeah this time also. As I noticed budget xiaomi devices don’t have any screen protection like gorilla glass or something like that,it is discomfort to said a least. But all other features are ?.

    • Xiaomi brings awesome features every time, yeah this time also. As I noticed budget xiaomi devices don’t have any screen protection like gorilla glass or something like that,it is discomfort to said a least. But all other features are ?. But at this price segment we won’t get SD636 from other companies.

  63. It’s a great device

  64. Wow! Beautiful Device! I hope I win this device as a graduation gift to me ?

  65. I think this phone will be the best affordable smartphone

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