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PiPo W3F Downloads

Here’s you’ll find PiPo W3F Windows drivers, bio files and Android roms. Also the file needed for converting your Windows PiPo W3F to a dual boot machine.

*Please note, due to increased server hosting costs, please only download the dual boot files if you really need to! If possible please share a mirror in the comments to help reduce our bandwidth costs.

How To Install2 KiB1029
PiPo W1s Driver X6420.5 MiB439
PiPo W3F 32GB Dual Boot Bios40.0 MiB1433
PiPo W3F Windows Drivers Auto Installer100 MiB1483
PiPo X10 Dual OS Bios Flasher4.8 MiB596
PiPo X10 Original Windows 10 Only Bios2.9 MiB620
PiPo X10 Windows 10 64bit Drivers Dump232 MiB1586
Pipo W1 Pro Drivers205 MiB393
Pipo W4S Win 8.1 Drivers Dump78.9 MiB625
Pipo W8 TouchSetting Gt Touch Config1 KiB534
Pipo W8 Windows 8.1 Doubledriver Backup216 MiB402
W1S BIOS Update-20160919T131355Z4.1 MiB202
W3 Win 8.1 Drivers155 MiB424
W3F Dual OS May 26th Part11.5 GiB999
W3F Dual OS May 26th Part21.5 GiB765
W3F Dual OS May 26th Part31.5 GiB730
W3F Dual OS May 26th Part4889 MiB722
W3F Windows Only Bios Feb 20153.0 MiB892
W8 English Image Windows Part1700 MiB188
W8 English Image Windows Part2700 MiB156
W8 English Image Windows Part3700 MiB141
W8 English Image Windows Part4700 MiB140
W8 English Image Windows Part5700 MiB134
W8 English Image Windows Part6700 MiB140
W8 English Image Windows Part7363 MiB133

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