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PiPo X10 Downloads

Pipo X10 downloads. The drives are a straight Windows CMD dump using DISM. How to restore. Extract to a folder. From the CMD prompt as admin run:

dism /online /Add-Driver /Driver:C:\YOURFOLDERNAME /Recurse

PiPo X10 Dual OS Bios Flasher4.8 MiB735
PiPo X10 Original Windows 10 Only Bios2.9 MiB740
PiPo X10 Windows 10 64bit Drivers Dump232 MiB1919


  1. Hi Patrick, I know this is a old post, can you please say me where you found it or just upload this driver to some file hosting?

    Iā€™m looking for that WI-FI DRIVERS about 4 days! šŸ™

    Thank You so much!

  2. Hi Danny, I know this is a old post, can you please say me where you found it or just upload this driver to some file hosting?

    I’m looking for that about 4 days! šŸ™

    Thank You so much!

  3. Hi Chris, I have a PIPO X10 pro which I use it to control a machine on my workplace. I try to do the performance tweak by changing the RAM speed from the 1066MHz to 1600MHz. I did just that (based on your video on youtube). Unfortunately the tablet never boot up again, only shows black screen, I leave the tablet all night and in the morning it is still doesn’t boot up. Do you have any idea how to go about this? I am really worried since this tablet wasn’t mine.

    • There is always a risk doing this and I said that in the video… Anyway use a keyboard and hit esc and power it on at the same time and keep tapping esc. This might reset the bios. Works on some laptops and tablets.

      • Yes sure, I know the risk (especially now). I did try to connect to a keyboard but it seems no power output from the usb, though the cooling fan does spin. Any thought chris? I was thinking to reflash the bios chip, but I couldn’t find the bios zip for pipo x10 pro. Will it work if I flash the bios for pipo x10 (not pro) as in your website. PIPO did reply to me, but it seems they don’t really want to help me (or maybe they don’t understand me).

  4. I did a clean install on my new Pipo x10 but did not succeed in restoring the drivers with this command:

    dism /online /Add-Driver /Driver:C:\YOURFOLDERNAME /Recurse

    I got an error saying:

    This command can only be used with an offline image!

    Please can you give my advice how to restore the drivers? Manually is not an option? Please help!

    • I managed to download and install all drivers with driver software! Everything i s fine now but there is still a problem! The wifi driver adapter has not been found by this software. Can you upload the driver for the wifi adapter please?

  5. Please upload here this https://pan.baidu.com/s/1ge1Z0bD -Win 10 plus Android 5.1
    Is this is the last version that comes in update or old one.
    Can not install Baidu in my system and can not download from Baidu.
    thank you.

    • I’m on 4G with limited data for downloads nowadays so I can’t get so much. Is this for the Pipo X10?

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