hands-on first impressions

Chuwi Lapbook Pro Hands-On First Impressions

The Lapbook Pro has finally arrived, some lucky people have had it for a few weeks already. Just got mine and as expected the build is a bit like the Chuwi Lapbook SE. It weighs 1.47 kilos and 13mm thin without counting the bottom rubber feet. So the build is slim, all metal with no logos on the lid at all. Only on the bottom bezel, speaking of which these bezels are slimmer top and bottom giving ...[Read More]

EZBook X4 Hands-On Review – The New Best Budget Laptop?

I’m typing this out on my new EZBook X4, Jumper’s latest Gemini Lake laptop. It’s really the EZBook 3L Pro with a few tweaks or the even the Teclast F7 (The current best Apollo Lake Laptop) The build is identical and this isn’t a bad thing, it is also selling for the same price of $299, has full alloy housing, good internal layout and build, plus a nice big copper heatsink....[Read More]

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