Jumper EZbook X3 Pro

Hands-On With The BMAX X14 – A 14″ EZbook X3 Pro

The BMAX X14 is here and just as expected it’s really a slightly bigger Jumper EZBook X3 Pro that I reviewed. They are clearly from the same ODM with some very minor differences, firstly the rear Transformers style BMAX logo is there on the lid with backlit eyes. (Can’t say I’m a huge fan of this I prefer no logo!) The power button is square and not round like the EZbook X3 Pro a...[Read More]

First Look At The New Jumper EZbook X3 Pro

After a few poor releases lately from Jumper it seems they found a decent ODM build to use. This Jumper X3 Pro I have had for the last 2 days is a welcomed change from the last plastic cheap-feeling models. The build is all metal apart from the plastic keyboard keycaps with are sliver but much easier to read than the BMAX Y13’s. It’s a backlit keyboard with raised keys, a full-sized ke...[Read More]

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