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Hi10 Plus with Remix only

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This could be a wonderful tablet.   But the freezing issues are very serious. and I am shocked that the person reviewing it here has not seen them.   What is even more frustrating is the lack of support or even responses from Chuwi itself. (search there forums and you will see some cranky people)

Again, there are some wonderful things about this tablet, the screen is beautiful,   I really do like the Remix OS (I also have a Remix Mini which I dont have issues with).    But I have had to jump through all kinds of hoops to try to make it fairly usable.   I have even flashed it and re installed Remix on it,  it helped solve some issues but it will still freeze up, and seems to do it often after it falls asleep, then I have to force reboot it.

Very frustrating and probably the worse tech company I have dealt with when it comes to problems with a device,  I have gotten some response (i had to bombard their facebook page for a while with comments).  But there are a number of people that say they have opened tickets that have not been responded to for weeks (some for over 6 weeks,  you can find people talking about this on the chuwi forums).   I assume these people will never get a response.

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  1. Hi there, I heard about these freeze issues later after I published my review but I did not experience them myself. I can only think that it must have been a bad batch or I got lucky? But this if often the case with Chinese tech, it works both ways, I test a device and say the USB ports cannot power external HDD’s, the screen flickers etc to later find people have no issues. Again, down to batches. It’s a lottery. The Chinese tablet lottery I have been calling it for some time.

    I understand your frustration, I would think the same it makes the tablet unusable.

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