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Not Worth The Risk

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I purchased my JumperBook Air hoping to shed my luggables and save some cash.


When it arrived, I was full of excitement. I didn’t like Windows 10, so I ditched that and installed Windows 8.1 which runs way snappier on this model. I got all the drivers sorted and was happy.

However, whenever the notebook would sit at a screen which had medium to dark colors, these white horizontal lines would show up. It was even worse at the boot screen which was all black. Plus it looked as if there was pixelated red lines tinting the background.

Next, I was eager to try my external HDD as reports were that this bad boy was able to power them. I plugged in my WD External. Poof!  The whole laptop shut down.

And my final hurdle: Suddenly the unit will not charge except when at specific angles. Tilt the LCD fully back for daily use and plug in the charger and you get no charge light until you move the LCD back and forth until you get the “perfect” angle.

I would rather buy something from one of the more reputable Chinese brands. Jumper is indeed not really checking QA before these items ship.

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