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TECLAST F15 went dead

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I bought a Teclast F15 from Banggood and received it in october. I was really enjoying it but after a few days it went off and never turned on again.

I am currently strugling with Banggood to have a refund or at least a replacement but it seems they are not interested.

Now I’m without my worktool and they want me to get it diagnosed/repaired in a local store, although they are not willing to pay the consulting fee… ridiculous, but be aware, it’s a procedure desccribed in their policy.

Since I don’t know if this is a defect that may affect other units, I don’t recomend buying it, and with this client Suport policy…god. Nonetheless, it’s a beatifull laptop.

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  1. Teclast F15 is easy to disassembly.
    Remove the screws from the back and the cover.
    Remove the battery cable and the disc.
    Connect the charger and press the button to switch on.
    Teclast must turn on.
    Since you don’t have the disc, an error message appears.
    Turn Teclast off.
    Insert the disc.
    Connect the battery cable.
    Put the cover, connect the charger and it’s working.

    Any doubt, send message.

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