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Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Downloads

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Downloads. Android Play Store files. Windows 10 drivers and images. How to install Google Play on Mi Pad 2 Android guide here.

Please note if you do a clean Windows 10 install like I did the drivers will work. But using doubledriver to restore the drivers you have to later manually install the sound and camera drivers for them to work. Otherwise you have no sound or cameras after the driver restore.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 fresh / clean Windows 10 install basics.

  • Use a 64bit Windows 10 ISO (The drivers are 64bit)
  • Boot your bootable Windows 10 USB drive via the bios on boot (Hit F2 to enter the Mi Pad 2 bios)
  • Once the install is complete download and restore the  64bit driver download from below using doubledriver.
  • Reboot and later manully install the Realtek sound and camera drivers.

Alternative Google Play store apk download link for the Mi Pad 2.

Google Play For Mi Pad 230.9 MiB4654
Mi Pad 2 Googleinstaller-2160.4 KiB2922
Mi Pad 2 Play Store28.7 MiB2670
Mi Pad 2 Play Store Apks35.4 KiB2612
Mi Pad 2 Windows Drivers Doubledriver234.9 MiB2056


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    Oh god! Im really thanks you . Now my little tablet is working normally because of your post. .

  2. Profile photo of WaiTun

    Hey sir how to use. Mi pad 2 Windows Drivers
    Double driver?

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