Gearbest Second Anniversary Sale

Gearbest Second Anniversary Sale

Looking at the Gearbest website, I see in 24 hours time they are having another sale. This time, it’s their 2nd anniversary which promises some big discounts on Intel powered Mini PC’s and Tablets. And if you pay with PayPal you’ll get a 3% discount on top of other discounts.

They are doing flash sales in waves, for example, the Teclast X98 Plus had 20 units at $153. It sold out in minutes, but the page claims there will be another wave.

Check out the anniversary sale page here for flash deals.

Geaerbest sales


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  1. Hey, I managed to take a screenshot of the page when it was loading, before it said “coming soon”

    So coming up they have some tablets but none interest me, because they are eMMC hard drives, I want a Core M 12″+ one:

    Chuwi Hi10 $216.22
    Teclast X98 Plus $204.30
    Chuwi Hi12 $300.18
    Cube iWork 10 Flagship $206.88
    Voyo Vbook V3 $300.31
    Teclast Tbook 11 $233.58
    Jumper EZpad 5s $282.96

  2. It is meant to start TOMORROW, March 21st, but it already shows them as “snapped up”…and this first group of products are the only ones with actually reduced prices..

    …that’s how reliable this sale looks….ah Gearbest, setting new standards…

    By the way, you can find out which items will be on sale by placing your mouse pointer mid-way between the “coming soon” text and the image placeholder…

    Not worth it really
    – prices are the same but with overblown “initial prices”
    – will hardly be any stock.

    So good luck everyone.
    …this will reveal the active link to the

    • Sorry there, messed up the message…

      By placing your mouse-pointer mid-way between the “Coming Soon” and the image Placeholder, you will find the active link to the product in question.

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