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Gearbest’s 11.11 Sales – Cube i7 Book for $279

Gearbest’s 11.11 Sales – Cube i7 Book for $279

As a lot of you would no doubt already know, the 11th of November is a big sales day for the Chinese online retailers. Gearbest has recently just added their promo page for the 11.11 sale. It will start on the 9th, with prices slashed on various goods, coupons, and even free giveaways. Check it out here.

Another promo related to 11.11, is Gearbest has teamed up again with Intel with another buy one get one free deal on tablets, for example, buy the Teclast Tbook 16 Pro or Jumper EZPad 5SE and get the keyboard for free. Other coupons offer some discounts on Intel-powered tablets, like the Core

Other coupons offer some discounts on Intel-powered tablets, like the Core M3 powered Cube i7 Book (One of the best Chinese stylus Core M3 tablets) for $279.99 with coupon intel33 See my Cube i7 Book review here.

And the Chuwi Hi10 Plus, 3:2 ratio Remix OS & Windows tablet for $184.99 with coupon intel35


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  1. Now, Cube i7 Style is at flash sale on US Warehouse:

  2. These were $285 before the sale last week so I just jumped the gun and bought one, not wanting to be out of stock. DHL shipping got it to me in Colorado already today…wow, super fast!
    EXCEPT…. when I opened the box, it was only the keyboard I purchased, not the tablet (Gearbest shows the whole order on the same tracking number).
    So, hoping it was just an honest error, logged a ticket with Gearbest and waiting to hear back.

    • Gearbest replied and said that the Cube i7 book was not available to ship out (despite purchasing it before the sale when the site said ‘150 units available’) and I’d have to wait until 11/24 for it (even though the site today says shipping by 11/18).

      I guess it’s just American retail norms versus Chinese but to me this is shady bad business emblematic of someone trying to rip you off. (“just wait a little longer while we hold your money…we’ll ship it soon, we promise…”)

  3. is it possible to run android on the cube i7 book?

    Or do you have any android tablet recommendation for my dads birthday + christmas gift?
    The stylus support isn’t necessary, just a smooth running android device for basic use would be perfect.
    What would be the best to give away today? (for around 250 bucks +/-)

    Thank you for any guidance

    • the HI10 Plus seems the better deal for this job, what do you think?

  4. Do you think it would be better to buy it during this sale or would there be better deals on Black Friday?

  5. Hi Chris…

    Are you working for gearbest ???? cus you didnt tell anytime… How WORST… They are elling pruduct without in tock…
    then you send it a email please wait .. or chenge your order…
    i have an comversetion about that… i make a mustek and buy some tablet from gearbest. voyo … they send me th damaged one..
    then make 1 more mistake again bought tablet (27octobre) which is chuwi hi10 pro … but they send me mail .. that they dont have it in stock .. wait till 7 november (still they did not send any tablet. now 10 november)

    They are so BAD company… their every promotions are to selling bad products to us costumersss.. Please Dont buy anything from them… ..

    if you buy.. then you will have an email please wait your tablet is not is stock 🙂 🙂 or buy some difrent… send us link to replace order… but there is no 3. options turn back money :):) they just want to take your money.. then sell to you difrent or damaged tablets.. and you not gona send it back because its cost 30 40 usd …

    So RECOMANDED do not buy anything from GEARBEST . . and Chris dont lie people , like me which is beliving to you.. which is keep folowing your youtube and your sait

    And please public this coment…thanks and keeep going like this…

    • I don’t work for them. I’m not responsible for Gearbests supply issues. If they messed up your order how is that my fault and I’m lying? Sorry, you had issue, but take it up with them and not me. Of course, this comment will not be removed. If you have issues, post it. Also there is a thread in the forum for gearbest reviews.

      • Wow,, what a good policy from Chris.. Usually any post like this will be immediately removed! But here in it is not,, because we’re all fair enough to discuss anything honestly & wisely & independently,, Salut!! Thanks to Chris & all community members of this site who FREELY gives us costumers very good balanced indepth review for many tablets outs there, it’s plus & minus (that’s proving he is NOT working for any online stores & he have to buy it too before reviewing it), & giving us recommendations for the best one before we “blindly” decide to buy one from any commercial online stores. Keep up the good work Chris! And for you guys,, don’t forget to support Chris & this site by clicking ads, clik any product link to online stores provided, consider to make any donation, etc…

    • if you do it … sure you will get an email… sory we dont have it in stock . please wiat 10 15 days.. (but never send after 10 15 days) or choise difrent pruduct 🙂
      i made a mistake and bought some tablet from gear best 15 still not shipped..
      idiots if they dont have a tabet .. why they selling it…

      and i am sure this your tablet it not is stock…

      At the end i will make a youtube chanal.. to say the TRUTH to people about gearbest… they are lier..

  6. Where does one get a stylus for the Cube i7 book? Gearbest is out of stock and searching other sites for ‘cube i7 book stylus’ comes up with confusing results that include the ‘cube i7 stylus’ which is the previous model….
    I’m a USA shopper.

    • Cube i7 stylus, iwork11 stylus and i7 book stylus are all the same thing. Wacom based stylus.

      • I get that they’re all Wacom but will they all fit in the stylus holder? (doesn’t they keyboard have a slot for it?)

        • Stylus holder is only o nthe i7 stylus keyboard. Bue the i7 book keyboard is much better (transformer style)

  7. Well, but where’s the stylus for the i7 Book? I can’t find it on gearbest (anymore).

    • Try aliexpress or banggood, also search i7 stylus it’s the same.

  8. Great. Just when I have bought it for $305 just 10 days ago.

    • Always happens! So often to me, I just paid over 650 for the Mi Note 2. Now I see it for 549…

  9. Hi Chris very important question, I found the surface pro 2 8gb 128ssd for 300 euro, is better the cube i7 or the surface pro 2 in that case? Any answer is highly appreciated!

    • As a Surface user myself, I would say it’s slightly better (Build and screen) But I think I like the dock of the Cube i7 better for typing on and the fan noise of the i5 core on the Surface 2 can get annoying.

  10. Hi Chris, the cube i7 book is 284 right now if I add the intel code it jumps to 404 dollars. Is it wise to wait until the 9th to save a couple of bucks or do you think the 140 limited units will be cleared by now?

    • Depends how quick you want it, I think it will take at least a day before they sell 140 units. However I would be quick, gearbest have been know to sometimes reduce the amount after a few hours.

  11. $279 isn’t bad for a Core M3 tablet. But I wonder if SoCube will have an even better price on Aliexpress, do you know if they are having a 11.11 sale?

    • No better, SoCube will sell it for $299 again 11.11. So gearbest has the best price for now.

      • Hi chris! I Could not find any way to send you a mssege and it seems that you probably have the best answer to my question. I am a university student and i want to convert all my backpack and notebooks to 1 stylus tablet and not sure which os the best (in terms of the best stylus respond and the most comfortable for handwriting) i also prefer somthing large 12~ but again only if its has excellent stylus abilities. Thats all!! Sitting tight and waiting for your advice 🙂

        • Best for stylus would be the Cube i7 Book, or the i7 Stylus. Both have a wacom stylus and decent performance for student use.

          • Thanks for the quick response!. I ordered the book from gearbest. Just a bit worried about the battery..would you recommend any power bank which i can connect and keep working with it? Thanks

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