Deals: Snapdragon 820, 2k 5.7″ Mobile for Just $209

Deals: Snapdragon 820, 2k 5.7″ Mobile for Just $209

When I got my LeEco Le Max 2 for $289 I thought that was a hell of a deal, flagship spec processor (Snapdragon 820) 4GB of RAM, 21MP camera, 2k 5.7″ screen and a metal unibody build. Well, now it’s just a crazy $209 with free shipping. I reviewed this one and for the price, I was impressed with it. While it’s not perfect, a lot of low to mid range mobiles only have half this power, cheaper build, worse camera, so no way near the spec. The $209 deal is limited to only 200 pieces so you’ll have to be quick.

My LeEco Le Max 2 review is below:

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  1. also took the plunge on that mobile some months back after the Dark grey model saw daylight.(was not to fund of the pink model that useally was offered)

    Its the Dark grey X822 i purchased, and was around 220US.
    Sofare im pretty impressed, and its fast like “there is no tomorrow”.
    clocking in at +43000 in Basemark X (standard) and 37000 in “High” setting.
    actually little puffled about some of the scores it perform, since it pretty much top the charts above other more modern handset that should be stronger then this, hence higher chipset-clocking in regards to SD820vs821 and not least adreno530 that in SD821 are tweaked from the 625mhz to around 670 as i recall in most SD821 handset, (not the pixel that SD821 seems to operate with SD820 values).
    +43000 check your handset..
    IN qualcomms own benchapp Vellamo it perform also pretty solid with +6000 & 6200in chrome & webui.

    also impressed with it wifi & lte’class12 speeds it perform.. in wifi are getting +200mb/s up and down on an 6year old netgear wndr4300 router that are placed in another room, so thrue concrete that wifispeeds is pretty amazing.
    LTE 4G+works also great here in Denmark, and no hazzle on LTEbands, and getting around 100mb down and 50mb up when checking LTE speeds on the balcony here in copenhagen.

    all in all pretty impressiv for that amount of bucks paid and partically when it slip thrue custom without further taxing-.
    also took the plunge on the 15US CDLA looseless LEeco-typeCheadset that in lack of jack-plug on there newer LeEco models opens up for seperat DAC (digital to analog converter in the headset itself).
    sounds good, and you do sense that there is more effect to work with and the different toneaspects is more seperated, partically at higher volumes.(aint distorting to bad’ like is useally the case on mobiles)
    there is an distinct yellow light to the earbuds when the looseless CDLA is active.(so if your in Denmark’ and seeing an dude with light in the ears, here in these dark winter times, there is good chance its me.. 🙂

    but in the end of the day, the X822 Le2m doesnt reach my main phone p8max in my view (dont need all that power), actually feel that the 5.7 – 2k screen in the X822 is to small, and do miss all the homescreen landscape-optimisation and the generel ecosystem in Huawei newer EUI. (p8max is still my most valued mobile, really happy about that, and not least the the build and finish, and do like EMUI from Huawei) but the X822 is ideel for VR (just a shame it aint packing a OLED so Daydream app, will be lacking ewen thow it got the power, but the refreshrate on OLED is miles ahead of LCD so likely the reason why Google specified OLED is a must for Google daydream ablelity, but still the tres doesnt grow into the sky, and you certainly getting a lot for that relative amount hence the Le2max pricepoint.

    the EUI on my X822 is the 5.8.016s as i reckon, but the X822 seems to some point to be an limited mobile, there is no update function at all in setting, and some of the UI function, like generel searchfunction for app etc doesnt pop up, ewen thow there is tactile feedback when holding down.
    Maybe thats the reason why this model X822 is so insanely fast, that the UI is extremely naked on that partically model.? (many of the other Le2max model, X820 is a lot slower in some bech ewen thow same hardware, but still many aspect in play and not least builds and optimisations.
    anybody are on top about the difference hence Le2max X820 vs 822?
    btw if you fingerprint sensor is not that relaying on taking the reading, then putting multiple saves on one finger made an difference, (its the qualcoms own sonic tech that are used, and it works good and also support fingerprint-gestures on the le2max)

  2. for you which is better this or mi5? you have done the reviews of both. I preffer the mi5 for the size and wight.

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