Deals: Cube iWork8 Pro $109, Gold Mi Notebook 12 $479

Deals: Cube iWork8 Pro $109, Gold Mi Notebook 12 $479

A few deals spotted today, the Cube iwork8 Pro 8-inch dual OS tablet, a dying breed I might add is $109 USD with coupon iWorkC here over at GearBest. While I haven’t reviewed this one it’s more or less like the iwork8, but this time has the slightly faster revised Atom Cherry Trail Z8350 instead of Z8300. Android 5.1 and Windows 10 Home. 32GB split between both OS’s so it’s not going to have a lot of storage. The screen is a 1920 x 1200 IPS.

The Core M3-6Y30 powered version of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook 12 is under $500 again, coupon GOLDXM lowers the price to $479.99 here only catch it’s the gold version.

And lastly, the Mi Band 2, fitness smartwatch with heartbeat sensor is $19.38 with coupon code BandG2

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  1. banggood sells the iWork8 air pro for the cheaper price of $98.89:

    by the way, Chris, is the throttling problem of the z8300 cpu solved in the newer z8350?

    • Thanks for the BG link. No, the throttling all depends on the heatsink or thermal pad used if any. So it varies from device to device.

  2. Chris , with the Mi Air 12.5 at $479 and the Hi13 at $299+50 to you think its worth the extra few bucks and get the Mi air 12.5 for just web browsing , Movies and light Photoshop ?

    • Yes 100% if you’re doing photoshop you’ll prefer the Core M3 over the Celeron N3450. The Core i5 940MX version of the Mi Notebook also has had a price cut, I found a coupon that lowers it to $669 but that is more expensive, much more but a lot more power.

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