Coming Next Week, Xiaomi Mi Max 2 – The New Battery King?

Coming Next Week, Xiaomi Mi Max 2 – The New Battery King?

I’ve ordered the Xiaomi Mi Max 2, and I hope tomorrow it will ship out so I can receive it an early net week. I’ve been using my Mi Max since day one, now over a years use and it’s holding up well if a bit beat up from me dropping it about 5 times. It’s got a great 1080p screen, super long battery life and an okay build, but not the strongest. But the camera on it really sucks my biggest complaint. Overall I really like the phone, but when I need a decent camera I then use my Galaxy S7.

The Mi Max 2 it’s successor lots to fix all the problem areas. Improved camera, a Sony IMX386 sensor, 1GB more RAM, base storage doubled from 32GB to 64GB & 128GB max with MicroSD support on both. The housing is now unibody with antenna lines, stronger and we have a type-c port. Lastly, they even added in a front facing speaker in the earpiece, just like the Mi 6. The battery has increased from 4850mAh up to 5300mAh.

However, there is one con I see so far. The move not to use a Snapdragon 630 or 660. Cost or it just wasn’t ready in time is the excuse, so it will be a downgrade in performance from the Mi Max. Moving from the Snapdragon 650 to the 625 isn’t a massive step down, but it a bit slower. Still, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625  is a very efficient chipset. The Redmi Note 4 & 4X using this chip give some great battery life results. I was able to get over 13 hours continued screen on time or almost 3-4 days medium use. And that’s a 4100mah battery. 5300mah, 1080p & Snapdragon 625 should give some crazy battery life.

Gearbest has it listed already, but it’s not in stock and for now, it seems the only place to get it is from Aliexpress. It’s selling now just over $310 to $400 USD. It only just released today in China, so it’s normal it’s expensive. Give it a few months that price will drop.

Once I get mine I’ll be putting it through my review tests, compare it to the Mi Max and also test just how long that huge tablet sized battery will last. Maybe even a camera comparison, but I know the Mi Max 2’s camera should beat it at everything.

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  1. Do you think a Mi Max 2 Prime/Pro version will come out in a few months with SD660 or SD630? If not should I just buy the Mi Max Prime now?

  2. WHy, Xiaomi, STILL not shipping with Band 20, THE coverage band across Europe for LTE….

    • True, I forgot that point often as I don’t have band 20 here or need it in Spain. We are lucky, I have LTE everywhere without an issue. But I can see without the LTE bands you need, it’s not good being stuck on slower 3G.

  3. Don’t forget the original MM had various different iterations. Mine has 4gb RAM, 128gb storage, and cost just £238. It also takes great pics, as far as my eyes are concerned. The only advantage of the new one appears to be the stereo speakers. I still look forward to the comparison, just in case I can be persuaded to make a change. I’d happily stick with my original, if needs be.

    • True there is the 4GB /128GB “Pro” version I was just thinking about the base models. It’s more expensive the Mi Max 2, but also the build is apparently much better. Compared to other mobiles the camera on the Mi Max is really hit and miss, that focus it has is quite bad. Only in good light can I get an okay photo on mine. Lowe light or indoors evening etc hopeless. The only reason I really have my Galaxy S7, so I can get some decent pics indoors and when out and about travelling for example.

      It won’t be any fast than our Mi Mix 1’s, but the battery life should be a lot better.

  4. I think Xiaomi should have stuck with the sd650 or 652.
    But I also think Xiaomi made mistakes with the redmi note 3 pro and the mi max 1: they were too good for the price! Their immense popularity as upper mid range specs for lower mid range pricing made them a bargain!
    Still, I am disappointed, I was all set to buy the xmmx2 when I thought it might have an sd660 variant but now I mostly see it as a downgrade 🙁

    • Ha, yes that is true, the Redmi Note 3 Pro and Mi Max are too good really for the price they sell and they must have realised this since we haven’t seen the SD650 or SD653 used again. Seems they prefer the lower or high end only. Not the mid range Qualcomm’s.

      What for the Mi Max 2 Pro with SD660 and costing $80 more.

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