HP Reinvents the PC with their latest HP Spectre Folio, Fully Covered in Leather

HP Spectre Folio

Have you ever bought a new tablet or laptop and thought to yourself “I’d really like to find a nice leather case for this device”. Well, over at HP they apparently did and found a quick solution for it – let’s make it covered in leather out of the box. The latest HP Spectre Folio is indeed just that, a laptop that comes in a leather body – not a live one we hope, which can also be used in tablet mode.

Do not let the look fool you though, the Spectre Folio isn’t an ordinary laptop with removable keyboard slid into a leather case, it’s instead a functional part of the device. There’s no metal case beneath it and it can’t be removed, unless you want a computer that can die at the first sneeze.

HP Spectre Folio

So, what does this very unique 2-in-1 convertible pack under its leather skin? The HP Spectre Folio comes with an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage. The display is 13.3-inch in size and sports FHD resolution, it also uses Intel’s latest 1W panel technology to maximize battery life; a 4K option is expected to come later this year.

HP Spectre Folio

The HP Spectre Folio is going to be an exclusive for Best Buy and HP.com, with the “cheaper” Intel Core i5 model starting at $1,299, meanwhile the Core i7 model will be $1,399. If you also want 4G LTE connectivity on it, then you’ll have to shell out $1,499.

At the launch event HP claimed to be “reinventing the PC” with this new laptop, but we really aren’t convinced about that. Sure, the leather body looks premium but how durable is it? And what happens when you get tired of it and want to change for something else? Will the warranty be void?

Let us know down below what you guys think about this very unique 2-in-1!


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  1. Super curious about the new late 2018 HP Spectre x360 with the “1-watt display panel” .

    ” latest quad-core “Whiskey Lake” …13 percent in 3DMark performance from the previous x360 generation, but a whopping 37-percent increase in battery life to a rated 22.5 hours. In part, that’s because the new Spectre x360 uses a 1-watt display panel that still manages to pump out a maximum of 400 nits of luminosity.”

  2. Of course, these heavily edited with photoshop photos or almost render make it look amazing. Leather not sure it’s a good idea on the palm rest. It does wear and will show it really bad. Ever seen a leather desk that’s a few years old? You’ll know when I mean.

  3. l absolutely love my HP Spectre 360. I was lucky was lucky and got it very cheaply. Everybody who sees it loves it too. The new leather look is a great idea, especially as it is a unique material; maturing in character with use. It always looks classy. That said, I’m not sure I’d swap my current machine for it. We shall see. I appreciate creative thinking when it comes to gadgets, so we’ll done HP. Now, let’s see how long it takes cheap chinese tech companies to rip off the idea, and I hope they do.

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