AllDoCube KBook 13.5″ – A Downgraded Thinker i35

Like many, I’m still waiting for the successor to the Alldocube Thinker i35, one of the best Windows 10 laptops out of the Chinese brands I typically review. Well, it’s not the Thinker i35 II which I saw it originally listed at a while again but the Alldocube Kbook 13.5″ it’s basically a downgraded version of the Thinker i35 as far as I can tell from this listing on Gearbes...[Read More]

Chuwi Lapbook Plus 4k 15.6″ Launched Today

Today the new Chuwi Lapbook Plus 15.6″ 4k laptop has officially launched with a new $439 launch price. This is down from $499 which it was first listed as and $449. For an Apollo Lake E3950 with 8GB of DDR4 RAM and 256GB of storage, it’s still pricey considering this is a last gen CPU. However, for light tasks and computing this should still fair fine with a 12W TDP, four cores, with 1...[Read More]

Mechrevo S1 Pro 14″ Core i5 8265U + MX250 Laptop For $699

This one looks interesting, a 14″ laptop with the specs of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019 with an even faster CPU, same GPU and a better price as It’s selling for $699. The Mechorevo isn’t a brand I’ve reviewed before, but for the price, it’s definitely an interesting alternative to the Mi Notebook Pro I might order to review. Powered by the Whiskey Lake U 8265U It&#...[Read More]

Chuwi Labook Plus – 4k UHD 15.6″ Laptop (Updated 28th)

Below in this post, I’ve added the official press images. The keyboard looks very similar to the Lapbook SE or Aerobook and the build. This is a good thing, over it looks decent just that CPU confirmed to be the E3950 Apollo Lake isn’t. Sure it has a 12W TDP, 4 cores with 18 EUs on the graphics. Still, a Core M3 or Core i3/i5 would have been miles better. I’m hopefully Chuwi will...[Read More]

First Look At Chuwi’s MiniBook UMPC (Updated 26th)

Update#3: Chuwi has now added an upgrade to the 16GB option for the Core M3-8100Y model only. It’s limited to now $20 the upgrade for 100 units and then $30 finally 200 piece limit. This is only for the 8GB to 16GB RAM upgrade offer. Either way, the upgrade from 8GB to 16GB for $20 or $30 is definitely worth it for 8100Y buyers. My full review of the MiniBook is also now online after 1 week ...[Read More]

Huawei MediaPad M6 Series Launched with Kirin 980 CPU

Chinese tech giant Huawei just announced their newest additions to their tablet lineup, the devices are called Huawei MediaPad M6 and they’re available in two sizes: 10.8-inch and 8.4-inch. The main selling point of the new tablets is the powerful Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 980 CPU, which is a big upgrade over the MediaPad M5 that instead equipped a less appealing Kirin 960 processor. The Kirin ...[Read More]

Hands-On With The Teclast X6 Pro (Finally!)

This has been a long wait, there were some apparent supply issues with the Core M3-7Y30 this tablet uses so when it was first released only a small quantity was shipped out. Some lucky owners have had this tablet for months but I’ve only just got mine. Below is my first hands-on and use after a few days with the X6 Pro. First impressions are very good but some of the typical Chinese tablet i...[Read More]

Updated: Teclast P80X Budget Android 9 4G Tablet & The F5R Gets The 6Y30

Update: Sorry folks, it will not be getting the Core M3-6Y30 that info was incorrect, it will still come with the Celeron N3450 which is much better in a way for battery life. Teclast has a new tablet coming it’s a budget offering and will be their first Android 9 tablet. The Teclast P80X is a 4G low end 8″ tablet with 1280 x 800 IPS screen. The chipset is one I’ve never seen bef...[Read More]

Chuwi MiniBook 8″ Pocket Laptop With Core M3-8100Y

Update #2: we have a new video, a hands-on with the Minibook from Chuwi. Great to see a nice amount of power in such a small form factor with PCIe SSD and full spec Type-C port. Which means a single port to connect it up to charge, a monitor and data all at the same time. Making it an ideal mobile desktop, I just hope the thermals and battery life will hold up. That will all be tested when I revie...[Read More]

Xiaomi RedmiBook 14″ Core i5/i7 Laptops With MX250 GPU

Xiaomi’s new budging laptop is coming on the 11th in China. The RedmiBook 14 features a 14″ IPS but I cannot see anywhere if it’s a glossy finish or a matte one. Hopefully the latter (User comment confirms it’s a matte screen, yay!). The build is all alloy with a weight of 1.5 kilos and 18mm thick. It has the refreshed Whiskey lake Core i5 8265U and i7 8765U which is about ...[Read More]

The Teclast F5R – The Teclast F5 Gets Downgraded

This must be another case of the Intel 14nm shortage and rising Intel chipset costs (Yet again!) The Tecalst F5 which is powered by the Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 now there is this the Teclast F5R that popped up on Gearbest. It’s powered by the last gen Apollo Lake N3450. Keeps the 8GB of RAM and they have doubled the SSD storage from 128GB to 256GB. The CPU is about 15% slower than the N4100...[Read More]

Chuwi’s New Mini PC The GT Box

There is a new mini out from Chuwi, the GT Box it looks a lot like the HiGame their expensive Mini PC with Core i7. But this one is far from being powerful, but fine for light computing needs. It’s using the Core i3 5005U, yes an older chip that is at least more powerful than the Celeron N4100 at least single core it is. The Mini PC has 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, Intel Wireless AC 3165 and room ...[Read More]

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