Chuwi Lapbook Air – 14.1″ Premium Core M3 Thin Laptop With Backlit keyboard

Update #2 Confirmed by Chuwi France, Core M3. Great news. I was worried it was an Apollo Lake again, maybe there will be a cheaper Apollo Lake version. But Core M3 it is. This premium build, a fully laminated screen with slim bezels and a backlit keyboard it’s stacking up to be a very promising laptop from Chuwi and their first Core M3 product. I’ll be reviewing this one as soon as I c...[Read More]

Apollo Lake Successor Gemini Lake – LPDDR4, HDMI 2.0 & 4-Wide Pipeline

So this has leaked over the internet, the block diagram for the new Intel Gemini Lake series of 14nm chips designed for fanless tablets, mini pcs and low-end laptops. It’s the Apollo Lake successor. These new chips are rumored to be around 15% faster and will support HDMI 2.0, so up to 4k 60hz, have 4 pipelines (Current Apollo Lake supports 3) LPDDR4 RAM up to 2400Mhz and Gen9 low power iGPU...[Read More]

GPD Pocket Review Online – 7 Inches Of Compromises

The GPD Pocket is one of those devices that has me asking, but who is this for? Who would really use this daily and as their laptop? Well, there are those out there that do want a device like this. The backers of the crowdfunding project, maybe they are IT admins after a full Windows 10 laptop as small as possible and a pocketable once at that. 7-inches and full of compromises as to be expected, t...[Read More]

Increase Apollo Lake TDP & Boost Intel HD Graphics Performance by up to 80%!

This is a game changer (literally). Something I have been trying to get on all the Apollo Lakes after testing the Tbook Air/ Civiltop air with no power limits. It has a huge difference in Intel HD 500 GPU performance. I discovered it was like the Core M’s when the power limits are increased or even disabled the Intel 500 / 505 integrated GPU it can finally stretch its legs so to speak and hi...[Read More]

Cube iWork5X First Impressions – A Premium N3450 Laptop

The Cube iwork5X has arrived, and it’s impressive. The build and design look very similar to what I saw on the Cube Thinker i35, their premium Core M3-7Y30 laptop. But unlike the Surface Book screen clad Thinker i35, this screen flips around 360 degrees converting it into a tablet. But one of the cons is the weight, at 1.68 kilos, it’s the heaviest of the Apollo Lake powered devices I&...[Read More]

Tbook4 N3450 14.1″ N3450 Laptop with 6GB RAM First Impressions

So here it is (took a while) this Tbook4 got stuck in customs here in Spain so was delayed a week longer than expected. So the laptop looks great in gray, a great change from gold and silver. The touchpad on this is large and maybe the best I’ve used on an Apollo Lake. Precision touchpad, so gestures can be disabled. Unboxing time codes: 01:35 – Unboxing starts 03:05 – Design 05:...[Read More]

Tecalst T10 – Rumored Fully Laminated 2560 x 1600 Tablet

Teclast has been quiet lately, but this surfaced on some Chinse forums just a day ago. A new model in the works called the Tecalst T10, it has a 2560 x 1600 16:10 fully laminated screen, the images show a fingerprint reader on the rear of it, a slim looking full metal design and the glass panel is said to have an anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating.  A front 13MP camera and rear 8MP one. No news o...[Read More]

First Impressions Of The Tiny GPD Pocket 7-Inch Windows 10 Laptop

Laptops don’t come any smaller than this, in fact this is the worlds smallest Windows 10 laptop. It’s powered by an Atom X7 Z8750, 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM, 128GB eMMC. The 1080p IPS screen is fully laminated and it has a full metal build. Port wise, we have a Micro HDMI port, Type-C that supports, charging, data and even video out which is great. This means those Type-C docks work fine. And ...[Read More]

Coming Soon In August: GDP Pocket And More Apollo Lakes!

What’s up next, well the GDP Pocket (Requested a lot this one) a 7″ Windows 10 laptop with 8GB of RAM, Z8750 and 128GB of storage. Hopefully it’s not going to be like the GBP Win which the keyboard half died on me so it was sent back. I know said I wouldn’t review any more Atom devices, this is an exception. And the last for sure! My quest for the best budget Chinese Apollo...[Read More]

Mi Notebook Air 13 Refresh Review Online

I’ve had the Mi Notebook Air 13 revised 2017 edition for a week now. If you weren’t aware, Xiaomi upgraded it to the latest CPU and GPU. It now sports the Kaby Lake series of CPU’s, either an i5 7200U or i7 7500U (i7 model not out yet) and Nvidia MX150 Pascal GPU with 2GB DDR5 RAM, the GPU is basically the Nvidia 1030. And then a ELAN fingerprint reader now located in the touchpa...[Read More]

Jumper EZBook 3L Pro (Yet Another EZBook 3!)

What’s this? Yet another Apollo Lake Celeron N3450 laptop from Jumper? The EZBook 3L Pro is now a 14″ version of of EZBook 3 Pro (Which is 13.3″) It has the same spec, 6GB RAM, N3450 CPU, Intel Wireless AC, 1080p screen and two USB 3 ports. However, the port layout is a little different and it seems to have a micro HDMI out now and not mini. The build looks the same, full metal a...[Read More]

So Why Aren’t All Intel Apollo Lakes Equal?

This is a question I get a lot, how come the Intel Apollo Lake Celeron N3450 performance in XYZ laptop is so much better at gaming then ABC laptop? Well, in this video I investigate as to why this is, that some N3450’s play LoL or Counter Strike with 50 to 60FPS and others below 30 FPS. Long story short: It’s all down to the manufacturer’s bios settings. Now we can understand why...[Read More]

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