BeeLink AP42

Beelink AP42 (N4200 version) Windows Recovery Image

If you need to restore your Beelink AP42 mini PC, then you’ll be needing this file. It’s the Windows 10 recovery WINPE files. Simply make a GPD formatted NTFS Pen drive and move these files over to the root of it and boot from the bios that USB drive. Use Rufus to format and created the bootable drive.

BeeLink AP42 Windows 10 PC (Pentium N4200)

Back in December, I reviewed the first Pentium N4200 Windows 10 Mini PC, the Voyo V1 which has this same Apollo Lake N4200 in it, A 2.5Ghz max turbo quad-core with Intel 505 GPU. It performed well, now BeeLink has the AP42 an oddly named Windows 10 mini PC, but it has no fan in it, the Voyo V1 is actively cooled. This one is passively cooled so only a big heatsink in there so should be great for t...[Read More]

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