BeeLink AP42 Windows 10 PC (Pentium N4200)

BeeLink AP42 Windows 10 PC (Pentium N4200)

Back in December, I reviewed the first Pentium N4200 Windows 10 Mini PC, the Voyo V1 which has this same Apollo Lake N4200 in it, A 2.5Ghz max turbo quad-core with Intel 505 GPU. It performed well, now BeeLink has the AP42 an oddly named Windows 10 mini PC, but it has no fan in it, the Voyo V1 is actively cooled. This one is passively cooled so only a big heatsink in there so should be great for those out there that like silent PC’s or a silent media PC.

Unlike the Voyo V1 the RAM isn’t upgradeable, it has the same spec almost: 3 x USB 3.0 ports, SD Card, HDMI, Wireless AC, 1000M LAN port and a similar yet silent design and it’s cheaper which is a plus. $185 at Banggood here.

But where costs have been cut is BeeLink have used a 64GB eMMC as the main storage device and not SSD, at least there is a spare M.2 SATA3 SSD slot in there to add your own 2242 SSD up to 512GB.

While it looks decent I wonder if this will eventually run into thermal throttling? Any interest in a review of this one? While I loved the Voyo V1, it’s little fan annoyed me somewhat so I didn’t keep it.

Source: Gearbest listing.

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  1. Love your review – always detailed, thoughtful and helpful! What brand (and specs) M.2 NVME SSD would you recommend adding to this? Also, is there a max size ssd that this device will allow?

  2. What is your opinion for heavy office work? Excel, Word, Outlook, PDF files, etc. Sometimes few CorelDraw editing. Is this 4GB RAM enough for speedy works or should choose the Voyo V1 with 8GB RAM? Also, maybe the V1 has more speed because using the SSD for the OS and executable programs, not the eMMC as this Beelink?

    • if you’re going to use LAN then the Voyo V1 might be better, fan cooled for heavier work. But the best thing is you could add up to 16GB of RAM and maybe even faster (HyperX stuff)

  3. I noticed this just yesterday on GB and was hoping you may have already gotten to look at it.
    I am not sure that the limitations are all too bad especially given the price tag. That you can expand the storage space is great I would hope it should be able to also act as the primary storage so should get over any issues.
    I would not be worried about heat too as it looks to have decent cooling and if you really are worried I am sure you could sit it on a fan.
    I certainly will at least be looking at getting one in future as a steam streaming / media playback device.

  4. Passively cooled…Yes!
    Upgradeable RAM…No.

    There’s always something wrong with these mini-pcs. Why is it so hard to get it right? 4gb is the bare minimum for Windows 10. No upgrade path from 4gb in 2017 is a non-starter.

  5. Could be interesting to have a side-by-side comparison with Voyo V1, both in terms of performance and quality.
    Being fanless is an advantage…if the heat is properly managed.

  6. N4200? does anyone, even Intel, understand their naming and numbering scheme?

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