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Mobile Phone Video Sample Downloads

Here you can download various video clips recorded from the mobile phone reviews on YouTube. Note I will only continue to supply these original video file downloads if they are only used for personal use. It’s strictly prohibited to use my video or stills from the videos for your own YouTube channel, other video sharing site, your own website reviews or any commercial use etc. Every day I ha...[Read More]

Vernee Apollo Lite Review

A deca-core Helio X20 mobile with 4GB of RAM for around $220? Sounds like a deal right? Well, I put the Apollo Lite through my review paces and here it is summed up in the below Vernee Apollo Lite Review. The ROM of the Apollo Lite is one of the best features, it’s bloat free (Very rare to see now) super quick and performance of the ROM and phone in general, doesn’t miss a beat. ItR...[Read More]

Microsoft Surface 3 Review

This is Microsoft’s third Surface, this time round MS ditched Windows RT and about time. Windows RT is a failed OS that was limiting, you couldn’t even run full Windows programs on it and overall it just wasn’t up to scratch. The Surface 3 comes with Windows 8.1 64bit, so you can run full Windows programs like Paintshop, old games and everything that runs on x86. So what you woul...[Read More]

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