Onda v116w Dual boot

Onda v116w Review

The v116w is a business focused dual boot Tablet from Onda, with a more standard 192 x 1080p 16:9 screen, a keyboard dock port and a full USB 2.0 port. Is the v116w Onda’s answer to the Pipo W3F or Tecalst X16HD? Hardware & build: The Onda v116w runs off an Atom bay trail Z3736F chipset with a single core boost speed of 2.13Ghz, it has 2GB of ram which is the standard on these tablets an...[Read More]

Onda v116w, Teclast X80h and Cube i6 Tablets Up For Review Next.

Trying to keep the ball rolling, I currently have the Teclast X80h Dual Boot, which I have already filmed a few hands on videos of. It’s been out for a while, but the dual boot version is quite new, similar to the Chuwi Vi8, with the same IPS panel, but in white. And the Onda v116w, it’s a 11.6 inch tablet, 1080p screen also a dual boot and it has a full sized usb 2.0 port. If you̵...[Read More]

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