Onda v116w, Teclast X80h and Cube i6 Tablets Up For Review Next.

Onda v116w, Teclast X80h and Cube i6 Tablets Up For Review Next.

Trying to keep the ball rolling, I currently have the Teclast X80h Dual Boot, which I have already filmed a few hands on videos of. It’s been out for a while, but the dual boot version is quite new, similar to the Chuwi Vi8, with the same IPS panel, but in white. And the Onda v116w, it’s a 11.6 inch tablet, 1080p screen also a dual boot and it has a full sized usb 2.0 port. If you’re following my youtube channel I have a few videos of this one up now. It’s similar to the Onda v102 or the PiPo W3.

Thought I would mention that I like to have a good amount of hands on time with the tablets I get in order to get a good feel of their capabilities and also expose any issues which I feel is important, so my reviews are’t the quickest. At least I haven’t formed an opinion of XYZ tablet in only a few hours like some reviews.

And to add that I pay for my tablets, they are not sent to me for free and I’m in no way affiliated with these brands.

I have also been asked to review the Cube i6, which finally comes with WIndows 8.1 in a dual boot flavour. I wasn’t interesting in the Android only one, due to no HDMI port and Android only. I have heard Cube has one of the best build qualities around when it comes to Chinese tablets so keen to see in person how they compare to the Onda and Teclast offerings.

Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to keep an eye on my YouTube account for more update reviews on Chinese tablets.

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  1. Hi, only Onda v116w have 2 microUsb + DC charger..right?..
    Teclast X80h and Cube i6 only 1 microUsb for OTG + Charger..?

    • Hi, the Onda v116w has a full sized usb 2.0 port and a micro usb port. So 2 ports. The dc jack for charging and the micro usb can also take charge. Teclast X80h and Cube i6 only 1 microUsb for OTG + Charger..? – Correct.

  2. Hiya Chris,

    Really enjoy your reviews and videos, just bought a Chuwi Vi8 dual boot. Received it, love it and as a developer hope that these will become a trend. I have one doubt, which is something you might want to shed some light on in a video: the Vi8 has a BIOS but seems to have problems with the clock when booting from Windows 8 to Android (Win is always one hour off). Do you know if these units sport a BIOS battery? I managed to solve the clock problems by editing the Registry (explained somewhere in a hack) and now the clock’s correct on both systems.

    Apart from that and the somewhat shorter battery life (4 hrs on Win, 2.5 on Android) these units are amazing. Thanks again for the great material, since it helped a lot in deciding which tablet to buy.


    • Hi, hey they don’t have a dedicated bios battery, I’ve had my Chuwi vi8 open and there is none to be seen. Also your 4 hours battery life, cycle the battery a few times. Full discharge and recharge this will improve a little to around 5 hours. At least it did for me.

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