PiPo X6S

New Pipo X6S Atom X5 Z8300 4GB Mini PC Pics

PiPo has posted some new pics online of their newest Mini PC, this one’s different as while it has a common Atom X5 Z8300 and 4GB of Ram. It has a massive heat sink and fan for cooling. PiPo claims it improves performance by 15% to 60%. And it has a SATA connector so you can add your own 1 or 2TB drive for storage. It’s got a 64GB eMMC for Windows 10 and main use which will still be fa...[Read More]

PiPo X6S Atom X5 Z8300 Mini PC With 2.5″ HDD Support

Pipo has a new mini pc coming, the X6S. It’s an Atom Cherry Trail X5 Z8300 mini PC with 2 or 4GB of RAM, 32/64GB eMMC for storage, but it has a 2.5″ SATA II slot, so you could add a harddrive 1TB drive in to expand your storage. The X6S comes with Windows 10 Home and it’s even fan cooled. It’s not a bad move considering the Cherry Trails are much hotter than the older Bay T...[Read More]

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