New Pipo X6S Atom X5 Z8300 4GB Mini PC Pics

New Pipo X6S Atom X5 Z8300 4GB Mini PC Pics

PiPo has posted some new pics online of their newest Mini PC, this one’s different as while it has a common Atom X5 Z8300 and 4GB of Ram. It has a massive heat sink and fan for cooling. PiPo claims it improves performance by 15% to 60%. And it has a SATA connector so you can add your own 1 or 2TB drive for storage. It’s got a 64GB eMMC for Windows 10 and main use which will still be faster than a large spindle drive. You could of course add an SSD, but it’s only a SATA2 port so speeds will be capped.

But it’s definitely a unique little Win 10 mini PC, great to see the huge heatsink as these X5’s tend to run quite hot and throttle, doubt it would now with it’s active cooling. Gearbest has it listed for $193.

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  1. I really wonder how well a Z8300 could do Steam streaming. I want to replace my HTPC with something smaller (i7-4790k Mini ITX build), and move my HTPC somewhere else to use as a desktop, and then Steam stream games to my TV using a Mini box like this.

    • Should be able to. I’ve been able to stream Steam games like GTA V to my Bay Trail and Cherry Trail Atoms just fine. Well one or them did have some stuttering, it depends on the build in Wifi card. But I see it also has a mini PCI-E slot so if you could add a better dual band AC one.

      • Hi Chris, I’ve got my finger on the mouse button ready to order one of these and I just saw this picture of it open… I didn’t realize it had a fan before and so now I find myself wondering how noisy is that fan going to be?

        Ideally I want something to stick under the TV in our living room for streaming films and music from my NAS and the occasional Steam Streamed game from my PC in a different room. The reason I want this particular one is I like the 4GB of Ram and I also like the 1Gbps RJ45 port. And also, could you confirm that this does support Wireless AC?

        Cheers, Adam.

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