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Teclast Tbook 11 Downloads

Teclast Tbook 11 Downloads. Windows 10 64bit image, Android 5.1 Image (E5A3 Model) and Windows 10 64bit drivers dump made from Doubledriver.

TbooK 11 (E5A3)Android5.1-V1.10504 MiB2871
Tbook 11 Android5.168.4 MiB2215
Tbook 11 E5A6 Android Updates658 MiB2214
Tbook 11 Win 10 64bit Drivers Dump222 MiB4911


  1. I have suddenly encountered problem with Android, when I try to get into it there comes an error, which says ACPI_BIOS_ERROR, and I could not run Android, what file should I download from the list that can solve the error, and how to do it.

  2. Can you provide the link of the Windows 10 from Microsoft that needs to be downloaded with this Tbook11

  3. Same problems to mimmo maiorino

  4. i’ve installed an update OTA by teclast. SO my tbook11 remains on bios page: what can i do?

    • You can via OTG (maybe with windows PE by STRELEC USB stick) install correct OS.

      No problem at all.

      That’s my first thing Ihave done.

  5. which of these is Windows 10 64bit image?
    and if i restore tbook from these images, do i get also dualboot?

    • There is no windows image nessacary. There are only the drivers from teclast-
      You have first to install windows 10 from microsoft and then install the drivers.

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