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Disappointing stylus performance

User Rating: 6

The display on the Chuwi Hi12 is very nice. I only have a little bit of light bleed in the lower right corner, and no dead pixels. It feels like it’s a bit too high resolution for the chipset to handle at times, but still tolerable.

The power and volume buttons feel cheap, and it’s not intuitive on how long you need to press the power button to bring the tablet out of hibernation or a shut down state. The power button works as expected if the tablet is in sleep mode.

The touch screen isn’t very sensitive, and sometimes requires force to activate. It’s becomes better in windows with the fix provided in the downloads section, but Android performance still suffers.

The stylus is the most disappointing feature of this tablet. Although it’s very precise, it does not support key features necessary for a pleasant note taking or drawing experience. It does not have any hover support, meaning you need to make contact with the screen for it to register. This makes for poor palm rejection, and hinders mouse emulation. The buttons on the side do not work well, and cannot be used to initiate lasso or eraser modes. When click and holding a button it toggles its function continuously. For example when clicking the right-click button, instead of working as though your holding right click down, it will function as if you were constantly clicking right click.

If a bit of lag and stylus support are not important, this is an okay tablet to get. Otherwise look for something with a better touch screen, more powerful processor or lower resolution screen, and Wacom stylus support.


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  1. The image below shows an example of how the stylus performs vs a Wacom tablet (HP 2740p). I drew a wave about 2cm high and then enlarged them to show the issues more clearly.

    The top image is of the Chuwi, the bottom of the HP with Wacom.

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