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When i have recived the chuwi vi10 ultimate it was already started with an admin user created and with windows in english. For me the problem was that some of the OS functions called by writing on cortana doesn’t work due to languaje issues.

I decided to make an image and trying to restore to initial settings, but hte problem was that the drivers weren’t any where on the tablet.

By chance customer service provided by bggd (where i bought it) gave me the direction of all the drivers ( password: a00f) and i could reinstall all the hardware.

A this moment it runs fully activated on spanish language and all functions called by cortana working fine too.

The most important feature that let me bought this in place of hi10 (which is more powerfull and able to run on 64 bits due to 4Gb of ram) is that vi10 is slimer and smaller than all “laptop-aspect” windows tablets. And the a posteriori feature that makes me to be sure of this purchase is the great autonomy of the battery (8:30 hours).

Despite of the fact that it only has 2Gb of ram it works very smooth.

In my laptop i have just upgraded from 4 to 8Gb and there is no difference in nomarl browsing in compataration with when i upgraded it to SSD when it started to “flying”. That makes me think that Toshiba emmc get the difference from other win10 tablets that i’ve tested.

Furthermore i try to avoid dualboot systems like used on Teclast or Pipo, for me android is very far from win10 for working tablets and i dont like all the partitions necessaries to make it work (more than ten counted on Pipo w3f)

As conclusion i would recommend to get chuwi vi10 ultimate if you are thinking on making several hours working without charge.

Pedro Pastor

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