Teclast X3 Plus

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Teclast x3 Plus

User Rating: 7.5

he tablet us really good build. M.2 slot helped me to add extra 128G Kingspec ssd. Touch n performance is great. Built in drive performance is good with no heating issues even while running full ASPEN suites for simulation. Battery time is at par with Dell/Lenovo brands. Forced to use Bluetooth keyboard … Touchpad n Keyboard for me stopped working after a week and most likely its some wire in the tablet that got clunky. I have written abt this in Techtablets forum.


  1. Anyone knows where to get a replacement battery for the x3 plus?

  2. hello i bought a teclast x3 plus from gearbest but after 3 months my screen was black so i opened the tablet to check the cables i removed the lcd cable and put it back now was working fine . but after the tablet was opened i droped the thermal paste on the motherboard accidently and now i think my motherboard died do you know where can i buy the motherboard for this tablet? i asked gearbest they said they don.t sell spares for this tablet can you help me please tanks in advance

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