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My wife and I both have one, She uses windows most of the time and I use Android most of the time.  I use windows to connect to printers, play Diablo 3 and access companies network while in the office, I use Android every where else.

We found them better than average on performace, the keyboard is very good, the scratch pad is usable but not the best, we both often plug in a mouse when using them like a laptop.  The screen is excellent in all regards.  Build quality is good.  Battery life is very good, I get five to six hours off the battery.

This tablet is not a laptop replacement, very close but not quite if need high end programs, I use high end CAD some times so no tablet, not even a MS Slate Pro 4 will run my CAD sofware, but it runs the viewer for Chief Artitect and Auto CAD, can be slow if detail level is high.  For general office work on MS Office or WPS office, surfing the internet, flash sites, youtube etc, it is fine, I admit I have not taken my laptop of my desk since I got this tablet.  Personally I should have gotten the 10 inch model, 12 inch is large screen but Im enjoying having a screen this size.

One thing about this size screen, most people when they see it with the keyboard do think its a Laptop.

WiFi range I found is excellent, I can connect to next doors WiFi, it is slow if I do, but thier house is 50 meters from mine.

I have a 64Gb SD card in mine,  this is the biggest  card Android will see, My wife has a 128 Gb in hers for windows.  I have a 750GB portable hard drive I use while on the road for work, the tablet powers the hard drive with no issues.

We use both tablets to stream full HD movies throuh the HDMI port to the TV with no issues

Stock Android, No Blot Ware, full play store, Well done Chuwi 🙂

Really like having 2 full size USBs and 1 mirco, 4 full size with the keyboard.

The pen is okay, I find it handy taking notes, drawing a quick mud map layout when I am onsite at a clients, no where near MS pen standard but very usable.

This is one great tablet.  I am very pleased with our purchase of these tablets.

For the price this tablet value is hard to beat.

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