Jumper EZBook X4

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What you pay is what you get, good for everyday (office) work and on the go.

User Rating: 8

For $230, this is definetly a good buy. It has its pros and cons, so you need to think about what you want.


It is really lightweight, and compact in size. Has an ssd as stock, but it can be exchanged easily. Has a backlit, and reather good performing keyboard, which is good to use, has a built-in camera and microphones, and of course it is based on geminy lake, so raw power will be sufficent for everiday use (after thermal mod). The BIOS is factory unlocked, and it comes with Windows 10 Home preinstalled and activated. No moving parts, so it has absoluteley no noise. Has around 6hrs of battery life in my case.


It is built with a sufficent sized cooling pad, but assembly is so poor, that the cooling mod should be used for the laptop to work normally (which of course voids warranty). It also has a proprietary charger, which is kinda bummer. The standard version has TN display, but a better one of those, and also now you can buy it with IPS display for a plus $30. But the main drawback is the 4Gb of memory, which is soldered, so cannot be changed, but at least it is DDR4. The trackpad is unresponsive, or too responsive in some cases, not good to use.

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