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Teclast X3 Pro – Core M3-6Y30, 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD

Teclast X3 Pro Core M3-6Y30

In a leak from Aliexpress seller OKQI which has listed various models that have yet to be announced, we get to see the new up and coming models. The first one is the Teclast X3 Pro. Like the X2 Pro I reviewed it shares the same design as the X2 Pro. But gone is the last gen Core M 5Y10, replaced with the much more powerful, but still fanless Core M3-6Y30.

This is the same chipset as the Cube i9, which was just been released. Hot on heels of Cube, Teclast have gone for more RAM, 8GB of daul channel ram Vs the 4GB of dual channel ram in the i9.

If you want to know what the X3 Pro will be like, just see my X2 Pro review and everything will be the same, apart from improved performance. Around 25-30% more. In one image it looks like we have USB 3.1 Type-C port? I wonder if it will finally have Wireless AC?

Price? $599.  No doubt it will only be around $385-$400 in China, but with Aliexpress sellers cut and fees it adds up.

Thanks to Alberto96 for pointing this out.

Teclast X3 Pro Press images:


Teclast X3 Pro specs:

Item Type:
Tablet PC
Tablet Data Capacity:
Network Communiction:
Extend Port:
DC Jack,Earphone Jack,HDMI,OTG,TF card
Brand Name:
Net Weight:
Supporting Language:
Second Webcam
Processor Manufacture:
Touch Screen Type:
Capacitive Screen
Processor Main Frequency:
Dual Core
Multi Touch,HDMI,OTG,Dual Cameras
Memory Capacity:
Item Condition:
Second Webcam Pixels:
Operating System:
Windows 10
Display resolution:
Cell Capacity:
Processor Model:
Intel Skylake Core M3-6Y30 1.51GHz
Screen Size:
Teclast Model:
X3 Pro
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  1. http://goo.gl/0NGml4 available for sale now, where can I buy Obook 11 pro ?

    • Update: I used a reverse image search on the listing and it seems to be the X2 Pro. I would NOT buy from this listing!

      • I bought the tablet in presale from Gearbest, they just told me they would not be able to deliver. Just got a full refund.

  2. You can buy refurbished Lenovo Thinkpads X220 or X230 with much better specs for a lesser price on eBay/Amazon.
    With only 1.2Kg (keyboard included!!) you have up to 16GB RAM (swappable), msata and sata disks, you can have 2 disks together and really good CPU’s. If you want stylus/touch then you have to go for the x220t or x230t models with 200gr more in weight.
    I love these kind of ultrabooks, very pricey when first released on 2012 but now they have very good value.

    • Not easy to find for a good price.

    • The Lenova x220/230/x230t are notebooks/laptops …

      And specs are not the impressive… 720p screen, ultra slow 2.5″ harddisk ( no ssd ), 1.3KG solid body ( no way to simply hold in your hand, ventilar for cooling ( hello noise ), its gpu is the older 3300 ( what needs more mhz = more power ) just to keep up with the 515, 1.3 a 1.4KG ( depending on version )… do i need to go on

      why even mention second hand ( refurbished = second hand ) laptops on a website dedicated to tablets. Totally different markets. I do not see you holding that massive thing in your hand, to read a comic or a ebook. Its a laptop, simple as that.

      • It’s a matter of choices and “tastes”…
        If you want to read a comic, even a 10″ tablet is too heavy, I’d prefer a 8” with less than 400gr.

        My “working” tool is a X230 with
        – 2 fast easily replaceable SSDs (one msata and one SATA3), and if you use RAID, then you have double speed.
        – 2 slots for replaceable dual-channel memory up to 16GB RAM
        – replaceable battery that you can leave at home if you are going to work plugged in and you carry even less weight.
        – 12″ screen with perfect screen resolution for a good text size if you work with Linux/Windows. Android adapts better font sizes but the others… I prefer 720p than 1080p on a small screen…
        – Good and solid keyboard + touchpad + trackball
        – Displayport+VGA – You can have dual displays simultaneously
        – GigaEthernet + 3xUSB3.0 + etc
        ** Dock Stations

        The only real drawbacks are no touch-screen and a very little noise when high cpu load. Lenovo Thinkpads are know for very good cooling system that keeps it very quiet…
        I don’t need more graphics power than this, but some gamer would prefer to go for a real gaming graphics card (not Intel).

        And you can find this really cheap refurbished… that was my point…

        I was considering these kind of hybrids for work but I would miss some things I’ve noted like dual disks, dual displays, replaceable battery, memory, disks, etc. real good keyboard and screen, etc.

        but I do have a cheap 10″ tablet as well… X98Plus is more than necessary for my needs.

  3. And so! – Teclast confirmed x3 pro – in the middle of March. Good price – 3000¥

  4. This X3 Pro is nice! I loved the X2 Pro for the two full sized USB 3 ports. Glad to know they have retained the same.

    However, the X2 Pro wasn’t cheap for what it offers, and I fear the X3 Pro may not be $400, even without factoring in seller cuts (at least on launch).

    I’m in two minds between the X3 Pro and the Intel NUC with Skylake (NUC6i3SYH). The latter has Wi-Fi a/c 7-channel audio, M.2 and SATA3 slots, HDMI 1.4b (w/ 8-channel audio), DP1.2, 4 USB3.0 ports (can have addition two USB2.x ports with an extension lid), GB LAN, BT4.1, IR sensor and VESA mountable (latches on the back of compatible monitors and hides with its small form factor)! Yes, disks, memory and display are extra, but one gets a really high end system when built properly.

    • Ignore 7 channel and read as 7.1. That’s what happens when you’re in a hurry to comment 🙂

  5. Is it really just around $400 in China? When will it be available? Soon I will have someone in China, so that would be a good option…

    How is availability of these tablets in China? Just go into a computer shop and get one? Are there fakes? Anything to look out for? What is the price of the i9 in China? And the i7 Stylus?

    This thing sounds perfect to me. My laptop is dying of old age and I need something that can handle Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere and perhaps After Effects occasionally. Being able to view all my material on the go alone would be wonderful.

    Only thing that bothers me is that this one doesn’t seem to support styluses. That would be awesome for Photoshop…

    • Teclast stylus and screen are very bad for work with photo. There is a big space between screen and glass. And colorspace < 70% srgb. Stylus pressure sensor is only for notes.

    • Is it on Aliexpress? Wonder the price. Never heard of the brand.

      • Only JD and TaoBao. They specialize in household appliances in other regions. and have a wide range of products in the local market.
        I plan to buy this model in the next month – a good price for OGS. Don’t like Teclast x2 screen 🙂 <70%srgb.
        Chinese review: https://www.chiphell.com/thread-1433818-1-1.html

        • The english JD site (the only one shipping overseas) does not carry the item and worst still, officially provides only a 30day warranty.

        • @Sergey, this is a good find! Many thanks.

          It doesn’t have full sized USB ports though. Also, it only has single channel 4 GB RAM. The body looks sturdy.

          On translating the Chinese text, it seems dicey:


          Soft keyboard cable contacts easily broken
          Full fit immature technology, the external pressure is too large rear screen is pushed out bright spots
          LED screen should be relatively primitive PMW dimming mode, the splash screen is more serious”

          Whatever that means!

        • Also, the Teclast X3 Pro has a bigger battery @9000 mAh compared to Haier’s 8000.

      • In Europe (and the US, I believe) it is a recognizable brand for home appliances and electronics, don’t know if it’s true but I’ve heard that they work as OEM for other brands as well.

        Good thing is, it already has a market presence, hopefully also facilitating support and servicer

  6. I have bought a quite similar HP for 700€.
    Again, I don’t think 600$ is a competitive price for high-end Chinese tablets, since we are having the first alternatives on wstern market.

  7. Hi everybody…

    Chris, why do we see 8GB of RAM only on one picture and 4GB on many others? May we have at least 2 tablets?

  8. Kudos for keeping the full size usb 3, 8 gb ram and not for the sharp edges! Type c i reckon will be for charge and data

  9. Chris you’re taking me on an emotional rollercoaster!

    Holy shit cube i9 had my eye! But 8gb of ram!!!!

    Ugh ugh, I need moneeeyy :'(

  10. It remains to be seen wether I can hold out till the Cube i9 stylus with 8GB RAM comes out or I just buy this one…

    • In the same boat it would be perfect if they updated it with a stylus and more RAM, won’t upgrade the screen most likely but I’ll accept the lower screen.

  11. Nice catch Chris.
    Good specs apart of screen ratio… i don’t like that 16:9 ratio.

    • Shame it doesn’t have a 3:2 2160 x 1440 screen in it and kickstand..Oh well maybe the X4 pro?

  12. Still doesn’t have a proper kickstand? Shame if so, be interested in seeing your Review of this and the new Cube.

  13. If you like to browse multiple tabs of websites 8gb will be awesome considering each Tab consumes about 100mb each

    Windows loads up uses around 1.5gb alone..

    8gb will be awesome and will safe the life of the ssd considerible

  14. Can somebody tell me if there is actually an advantage in having 8gb vs 4gb for normal tasks- YouTube, web browsing, office work etc, as I have seen that the old i7 stylus can multi-task pretty well with 4gb of ram.

    Also you there be noticeable differences in gaming?

    • If you intend to use Chrome you WILL notice a difference between 4 and 8 GB of RAM.

      • ok thanks, its just that I saw that the cube i7 ran lots of chrome tabs and other programs at the same time smoothly in one if its video reviews.

        Lets just hope the ‘cube i9 stylus’ will have 8gb of ram

      • Yes, that! Chrome eats RAM for breakfast. At least on 4GB machines.

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