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Onda v116w 3G Dual Boot gets the review treatment

Onda v116w 3G Dual Boot gets the review treatment

The Onda v116w Dual Boot review is now up here: http://techtablets.com/onda-v116w/review/ it’s worth a look if you’re considering a larger tablet with a full sized usb port. Next up for review will be the Cube i6 Dual boot. It’s due in via DHL this week and it will be the first Cube tablet for me, I’ve heard a lot of good about Cube when it comes to their build quality. So it will be interesting to see which of the 3 9.7″ dual os tablets is the best in terms of build quality, OS, camera and features. The three tablets i’m talking about are the Ona v919 dual OS, the Teclast X98 Air 3g and this Cube i6.

Stay tuned for that review and comparisons between the 3 tablets, make sure you keep an eye out on my youtube channel for this.

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  1. Yep but x16hd has GPS and back metal.
    People can live with OTG and it’s 10.6 not 10.1
    It will be nice if you consider that tablet as well.

    • Sure, I’ll think on it, Be safe to say it’s a better machine for sure. I only have limited funds to buy these tablets and I have a server bandwidth bill to pay to 🙁 This site is using around 50GB a day in downloads!

  2. Hi Chris
    I don`t know if you read my previous comment

    It`ll be very nice if you make a review for the Teclast X16HD 3g as it`s a direct competitor for Onda v116w.

    Thanks buddy.

    • I have the PiPo W3F on the way which is a direct competitor to the Onda v116w and Teclast X16HD, it’s more interesting I feel because it has a full size usb 3.0 port. And the Onda v116w has a full sized port too. The Teclast X16HD doesn’t.

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