Ainol V1 Mini PC Dual Boot Z3735F with LAN, 2 x USB ports

Ainol V1 Mini PC Dual Boot Z3735F with LAN, 2 x USB ports

A while ago I reviewed the Voyo Mini PC and it was quite disappointing, I was looking for a mini PC to double as a media TV box and movies, download machine. But the Voyo just wasn’t up to the job having very slow storage and lag.

This Ainol V1 looks interesting, similar spec, but it has a RJ45 lan port. Which is what I’m after on a mini pc, that and a full sized HDMI port, microsd slot, 2 x USB 2.0 ports and dc plug in. Looks pretty good. You have dual boot Android and Windows 8.1. I might get one of these to review, and if it’s up to the job would be be full time media PC hooked up to my TV.

It’s retailing for $99 on GearBest here with coupon: AinolV1

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  1. I always wondered how these Chinese companies came up with their brand names.
    Ainol ??
    Really ?
    I guess they have no clue what it means in English. 🙂

  2. I would think airflow/cooling etc would be better on the Suntech CX-W8 or the Artway W8 Mini PCs…

    • The Bay Trails normally just have a heat spreader copper tape over them. They don’t really need to much in the way of cooling. Wouldn’t be hard to add a copper heatsink on top of the die. I’m going to test this one out and see if it’s up to the job as a little TV pc for youtube and other online videos.

      • U might be surprised… U see tablets thermally throttling cos of copper tape only. The W8 Mini PCs (not the one you are linking) do have more substantial sinks or at least one of those two does

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