Deals: Fanless i5 Mini PC Flash Sale

Deals: Fanless i5 Mini PC Flash Sale

Gearbest has a flash sale on two newly added Mini PC configurations. The first one is very similar to the Core i5 one I reviewed, a fanless unit which is a barebone. You select the CPU option you want from a i5 4200U at $204.99 , i3 4010U at $169.99 or i3 5005U at $181.15, add your RAM (up to 16GB) and mSATA or 2.5″ HDD. And of course install your OS of choice. The Mini PC has plenty of ports 4 x USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ones. It has a 1Gib LAN port and you can also install your own wireless AC card. Being 100% fanless, it would make a good media PC or light office PC.

The sale is on here:

And the other Mini PC on sale is a pre-configured unit with installed memory and SSD options with 4 to 8GB of RAM and up to an i7 4510U. It’s also another fanless unit that supports dual HDMI out, dual LAN ports, even VGA and COM ports.

This spec of Mini PC is listed here on sale:

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  1. I am considering buying one Mini PC from that same Seller (Hystou) and I asked whether he could send it via Netherlands Post instead of DHL, and he accepted on condition that I add 15$ extra cause he’d have to divide it in two packages.

    Now I am still worried about customs given the size and the weight of the package….

    Has anyone ordered this via Regular Airmail and has it avoided Customs alright?

    • Mine was DHL, I’m not sure how your countries customs is. But here in Spain, I was certain that it would be stopped and stuck in Customs. So opted for DHL knowing that either way I would have to pay taxes. If they split it in two, one box for the mini PC the other for the power supply. It’s not really going to much that much of a difference as this is a heavy beast.

  2. I use this kind of PC as my daily driver (before I changed to DIY ITX PC since I want a skylake build). I was using the i5-5350U version with HD6000. It is quite stable, but I lt can get quite hot since there was no fan. I recommend you to get cheap laptop cooler and put it on the heatsink. Performance wise is what you expect on this kind of PC, and sometimes the mini PCI-e will not detect some wireless card (mine will not detect 7260AC, but the other one can use it without problem).

  3. Ubuntu or linux supported?

    • Any OS you want. As long as you can find drivers for the wifi card & LAN Linus would be fine.

  4. How can you add your RAM (up to 16GB) ?

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