PiPo X8 Review – A Great Little Hybrid Dual Boot Mini PC

PiPo X8 Review – A Great Little Hybrid Dual Boot Mini PC

The PiPo X8 is something of a hybrid mini PC, powered by an Intel Atom Z3736F which can boost up to 2.16Ghz 2GB of ram and a 32GB eMMC it has the internals of a common Atom tablet. But this isn’t a tablet, well kinda. The PiPo X8 is a not your average Atom dual boot mini PC, as it has a 7″ 1280 x 800 touchscreen on it. Which surprising comes in handy for those times you don’t have your mouse and keyboard connected up.

Below is my full Pipo X8 dual boot mini PC video review, here I cover pretty much everything, gaming, benchmarks and some hands-on in both Android and Windows.

To sum it up, the Pipo X8 is a great little mini PC and it’s only $108 currently at Gearbest. The Pros and cons are as followings.


The Good:


  • Good benchmark results
  • Bright and sharp 7″ HD IPS panel
  • Dual boot
  • Good selection of ports available. 4 x USB 2, microsd, micro usb, HDMI port.
  • The fastest eMMC tested to date, that things blazing fast for a 4.51 spec eMMC. Keep in mind they normally use a variety of brands and different batches so speed could vary from unit to unit.
  • The Atom CPU’s heatsink is the bottom base of the unit, the chip has a thermal pad on the CPU which then touches against the bottom metal plate on the X8 to dissipate heat from the SoC.
  • Cheap for a dual boot Z3736F mini pc
  • Solid build quality
  • Excellent Wireless signal strength


The Samsung eMMC in my PiPo X8 is the fastest eMMC I've seen to date.

The Samsung eMMC in my PiPo X8 is the fastest eMMC I’ve seen to date.


The Bad:

  • Does get very warm on the bottom. Can reach high temps (88 degrees) when benchmarked or pushed hard.
  • No internal battery, so moving it from a PC monitor to down stairs TV for example requires it to be powered off first.


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  1. pipo x8 get windows 10.i found image on its website
    any solution for external power 12 volt battery?
    i want to buy pipo x8.
    any idea chris?

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